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Full Version: THE MYTH OF SEPTEMBER 11 - interesting new book from Italy, in English
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I'm always on the look out for worthwhile new 9/11 books, but hadn't heard of this one until this morning, when Betsy Metz (the attractive blonde that ABC's Chris Bury took it easy on when he was harassing activists at a conference a year or two ago) posted a link to it on her Facebook page. THE MYTH OF SEPTEMBER 11 (subtitled 'The Satanic Verses of Western Democracy') appears to be a Crossing the Rubicon/War on Truth/New Pearl Harbour run through the problems of the official story, and all the related 911 truth issues that have accompanied the event. It's a translation of a book by Italian author Roberto Quaglia, updated by the author himself with some new chapters and additional research for its American publication. I found this one of interest for its length (600 pages plus), the evident solid writing (the look inside the book feature is worthwhile here) and the author's background. Quaglia is evidently well-known as a science fiction and cult fantasy author in his native Italy, and British SF author (and onetime Stanley Kubrick collaborator) Ian Watson is listed as having helped smooth and polish the translation. There are some Youtube videos of Quaglia being interviewed at length about the book on Italian TV, but I've seen very little discussion about this book in English. (There are zero Amazon reviews for the book at the time of writing). For anyone building a proper library of solid 911 books, I expect you could likely do worse than picking up this one.