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Full Version: Southbound out of Santa Cruz >> military exercise in LA?
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[TD]Put this together with the military exercise over L.A. and what do you have? The perfect martial law scenario in place.

"BREAKING! MILITARY EQUIPMENT Filmed 1\19\12 near Santa Cruz, Southbound:

Brigade: "A brigade is a major tactical military formation that is typically composed of four to five battalions, plus supporting elements depending on the era and nationality of a given army and could be perceived as an enlarged/reinforced regiment. Usually, a brigade is a sub-component of a division, a larger unit consisting of two or more brigades."

Also, we've seen joint exercises in Boston & Little Rock recently, as well as types of exercises in Miami and Colorado. Nothing like the L.A. scene, though. As "they" say, it's always a military exercise - then the switch is flipped to go live. Standard procedure for false flag events.

Also located in Southern California is the Fort Irwin National Training Center.This is where armor units from all over the country come to train,usually before a deployment.This convoy of armor,that we have seen, could very well be heading out to the desert for ordinary training purposes.
Keith Millea Wrote:Also located in Southern California is the Fort Irwin National Training Center.This is where armor units from all over the country come to train,usually before a deployment.This convoy of armor,that we have seen, could very well be heading out to the desert for ordinary training purposes.

Keith, I don't wish to argue with you here... You have added a snippet of information that appears valid and can be checked out but also appears at odds with prior offerings that the tactics and strategy of armored warfare such as you suggest have been scrapped (as per Doyle) as outdated (an argument I am not making but will hear).

I am not inclined to debate the depth and breadth of military tactics at the present state of global warfare in light of the US material and technological abundance and in the face of Sun Tzu, B. H. Liddell Hart, and John Boyd, as well as being personally unable to penetrate the minds/circle of US military command.

What I wish (ha ha) is that, with the help of something like Google Earth, some inside mapping of the US rail network, and perhaps other tools, that we could in fact watch and monitor such mass movements. The routing to a scrap heap was suggested by the comments under the original YouTube posting (who here caught that, or noted it?) and is also in parallel with other reports (unposted) of similar southbound air traffic by flights of phalanxes of military helicopters in parallel with I-35 southbound out of Oklahoma City towards Dallas (and ?).

Were we to get any more specific and timely in terms of monitoring massed movement of US military materiel, we would surely generate a visit from a few folks.

This goes to the challenge (unanswered thus far) that I put openly to the executive leadership of Deep Politics Forum to set some rules and a common understanding of what would be tolerated and facilitated and supported here in terms of commentary, reporting el al at a time in which global military conflict appears to be ramping up, and at a time of rampant and expansive disinformation, misinformation and cyber-warfare. (See the quote in Peter Lemkin's signature.)

If, indeed, we as civilians, have become information cyber-warriors, perhaps we ought to wear uniforms, or badges, or something.

Or not.

If not, damage will be done to the forum and its mission which, when last I read it, addressed the issue of a coordinated effort.

New Military Budget: Fewer Conventional Forces, More Special Forces and Terminator Robots

January 28th, 2012Via: Wired:
About 80,000 Army soldiers and 20,000 Marines are getting downsized. Half of the Army's conventional combat presence in Europe is packing up and ending its post-Cold War staycation. Replacing them, according to the $613 billion budget previewed by the Pentagon on Thursday: unconventional special-operations forces; new bombers; new spy tools; new missiles for subs; and a veritable Cylon army of drones.
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Yes,not arguing here either Ed.I just find the story way too vague.We're all just left guessing about it.The first videos never said if the train was going north or south.Then we get southbound from Santa Cruz.But,the video shows it going through Hayward,north of Santa Cruz.Hey,I grew up in Hayward,and those RR tracks were about 100 yards from our home.So,this train actually ran right through the middle of the East Bay.Obviously,nobody is trying to keep any secrets here.

I don't think I really contradicted myself earlier.I believe I said the Army was downsizing armor,not scrapping it.But it is what Rumsfeld was telling us a decade ago.The military is moving to a strategy of smaller (leaner) quick reaction type operations.To which you,have provided more information on this "NEW' type of warfare than anyone,and I really applaud your efforts here.

Anyways,I'm kinda sick,and my brain is foggy so I think I'll stop thinking for now!
Cool, Keith. You're right about a lot of that, and you may have even shown how I inadvertently colored the question. I titled the thread "Southbound Out of "... and you are entirely correct in pointing out that, at the time I wrote that thread title, I was confused, or uninformed, as to the absolutely precise details of that reported train direction. But that may obscure the question. My built-in inherent assumption (on a wholly unofficial sense of the thing) is that the rail switching/network is, to a great extent, invisible to us. I did spend a wee bit of time with the closely-related hobbies/pastimes, which surely has colored my biases; they included tabletop railroad model rail-roading ( I didn't get much further than dreaming of a layout and detailing a few boxcars) and tabletop railroad simulation management. Just today, I sent my three-year-old grandkid home with a request to ask permission of his dad for me for me to install a railroad management computer game on my 22" HD monitor computer. Think of what one could do with that in combination with Google Earth.... [Uh-oh, here comes a call from the Department of Homeland Security...]

I appreciate the deep nature of the argument that the US military is changing directions in terms of military strategy. I am also aware of the depth of unused military equipment inventory currently available and which the US taxpayer paid dearly over the last decades; we won't talk about the spare parts. I have seen and could have posted at least five such articles in the recent week; it is perhaps propaganda? I am well read in military strategy, from Sun Tzu (I have seven versions) to the copy of "Strategy" by Liddell Hart that is so beat up from multiple readings and annotations that its spine is broken, and on through to most of what is in easy reach about the use and application of the OODA loop.

It is reasonable to ask, then, if deception has ever played a role in warfare, is this a move of deception?

Whether one is a simple taxpayer -- watching with pre-traumatic gasp of breath -- who wants to know where his tax dollar is going, or whether one is much higher up in the chain of command wanting to know how to make best use of his available materiel, it serves to inquire as to the direction and purpose of the machinery of (what?) a brigade, or most of a division, of armored warfare and support equipment. This is true especially if there are multiple and nearly-simultaneous movements of matching materiel and support inside or near contentious borders of the USA and with the added assumption that the mobilization of personnel from inside or outside the US (or the use of foreign soliders as mercenaries, keeping in mind the degree of training having been done or currently being done by major militaristic national players on the current world stage). Keep in mind, too, that there are/were multi-agency crossover simulation drills in LA recently, and that there is a high degree of activity/awareness on the southwest border in terms of assault weapons, drugs, gangs, governments, mercenaries and spooks, to say nothing of the nervousness in and around the OWS events, especially in Oakland where, not having thoroughly read the reports yet), I understand there was tear gas and damage. And we must recognize the world-wide marketplace in arms, a demand for heavier arms among some parts of the population, etc.

Well, okay, so I'll call the question (if I have any seconds) and suggest that, at this time and for many of the same reasons, a good deal of thought be given to what should be allowed to be posted in current affairs environments about what used to seen as purely military matters. [I personally am in favor of open-but-supremely-well-regulated approach.]

We are in a world environment (and on a discussion board about them) that entails a blending of deep politics and military movement/capacity.

I appreciate your tip of the cap with regard to my posting.

But the game has changed... We appear on the verge of a pandemic of internal violence in many countries worldwide as well as a concerted effort on the part of both the US and Israel to export war (or ar least chaos along with militarization).

Should DPF directions, missions, focus, change?

Have the rules?

Does it matter?

"if deception is involved at the military level" becomes if deception is involved at the deep political level.

We are embedded in a world given to psyops, black ops, mindwars, cryptowar, robotic warfare , anti-civilian warfare, and the exportation of warfare.

And, if there are no seconds to my calling the question, I'll withdraw the motion by stating that I may have over-stepped my bounds in some extent, and we'll chalk it up to to a minor personal explosion of my synapses given my background and reading. (It reminds me of what Bill Walton (the counter-culture hippie of UCLA-- said when asked why he would succumb to playing in the wholly-mainstream and rock-solid conservatism of the NBA, answered "It was the only place I could get up a game.") It's been a lifelong wonder for me why someone has avowedly anti-war as I am is so damned well-read in strategy and tactics. But then I was a fellow who used to play Diplomacy with the children of James MacGregor Burns.


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