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Full Version: FALSE FLAG: Fact-based Screenplay w/fictional characters about the 9/11 cover-up
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DPF readers may be interested in this link,, emailed to me by Fred Burks, a long-time Washington insider whose website,, as you may be aware, is one of the best available in providing a combination of need-to-know political info and consciousness-raising mentoring.

Thanks to the Internet and an increasing number of enterprising and courageous individuals like many of you, the information now available on a 9/11 cover-up is voluminous and convincing. But my perception is that the audience for acting on it is a small fraction of what it could and needs to be. And I suspect that even the most damning, irrefutable additional evidence won't grow it substantially. The choir is being preached to with brilliance and passion, but it's time to enlarge the congregation. Exponentially.

All this evidential intelligence needs to be presented in such a way that it permeates the cultural equivalent of the blood-brain barrier. How can we bypass that impregnable human defense system known as denial? Drama is certainly one way. That's what Aristophanes was up to with The Birds, after all.

The fictional dramatic screenplay FALSE FLAG draws heavily on two primary sources to tell the story of the 9/11 cover-up. One is the brilliant "Miracles" essay by David Ray Griffin, emeritus professor of philosophy and religion at Claremont College who has published a number of books on the subject of the events of 9/11 suggesting a conspiracy involving some elements of the United States government. Dr. Griffin read the script and provided additional invaluable feedback. The other is a heavily researched and footnoted 58-page essay by E.P. Heidner which "ties together many previously unexplained threads in the 9/11 mystery that are most compelling," in the words of Fred Burks, on whose website the essay appeared. Following is the script's premise:

FRANK lost his 26-year-old daughter LISA. ANNA lost her husband ARTURO, a cook anticipating promotion to sous-chef at Windows on the World. ANITA's husband ALEX was one of 658 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald who lost their lives in the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers. Through the eyes and the stories of these fictional characters, we gain new compassion for the victims, and new perspective on the events, of 9/11.

Thanks to Fred Burks, his many contacts, and my own efforts, this is now in the process of going viral globally. If you're inclined to help spread the news, that would be great.

Dick Croy
Dick - welcome to DPF.

There are many means of truth telling, and of consciousness raising.

I have long regarded drama and investigative research as the twin pillars of our endeavour.

Where is the head of the uroborus?

And where the tail?
Thanks, Jan. Glad to be part of this forum. Some of the first words I came across in connection with my earliest research into 9/11 were Peter Dale Scott's. He said, "First of all, don't be afraid of what you may learn," or something to that effect - much more eloquent than that. His reassurance was most helpful as I learned more and more frightening things about what's really going on in the world. In fact he helped prepare me to deal w/ and release the fear that kept coming up - most of it anyway. Looking forward to becoming acquainted with the folks and info on PDF.

Dick Croy