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Full Version: Prison industry partnership video
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Make sure you have a vomit bag handy.

The DOJ funded the making of this video to recruit private sector companies to take their operations or expansions to prisoners to save money, lower overhead and avoid benefits to employees. Thousands of private sector jobs are lost through this federal program known as PIECP.
I sadly did not take your advice. Now I have to clean my desk...and the monitor...well...we just won't go any farther with that subject.
Surely that can't happen here in the USA! If that were happening, we would quit building schools, and build more prisons. Uh, uh I guess it would be okay as long as it only effects "them", and not "us".
Don't worry Larry, there is a place for everyone in the brave new world of the Prison Industrial Complex. It will effect everyone either as product for incarceration, staff for running the complex or visitors of loved ones inside never to be seen again....
Trying to keep up with the 'Jones' - in this case China?! The Fall of America will be recorded as perhaps the quickest and most complete of any Empire. Sadly, those who deserve it least will be most hurt - and are being so already. Much worse is yet to come, I am quite sure. It is sad to watch and sadder that so few are shocked into action. I believe they [THEY!] have pre-planted the explosives all around our polity and through what is left of our institutions and constitutional rights - just as they did the WTC towers. Watch the collapse - and watch it blamed on patsies. Incarceration is the largest growth industry in the USA today....says much about Amerika...and one can even buy stock in it!....the American Way of Crapitalism. The Oligarchs want all the serfs completely on their knees and fully under control - through imprisonment [and threat of it]; through poverty [and threat of it]; through terror [and threat of it]; through fear, intimidation and propaganda, through scapegoats and endless wars, thorough 'divide and conquer' [allow no unions, groupings of resistance/change/etc.].....hmmm...looks like they are right on target with their plans. Why, I'll bet the Big Boys are even selling short the futures on the stock of America - and backing that up with derivatives. They can't loose and it seems without a revolution we can't win.
I got this message today and thought it appropriate to share for some back ground on the video.
Quote:I am Ex. Dir. of the Voters Legislative Transparency Project (VLTP) and uploaded this video to our YouTube channel. My hope was that others would spread the video and information to draw attention to this practice condoned by our government. The NCIA who produced the video with the cooperation of the DoJ, have scrubbed every link to this video used to recruit after I linked to it and sent it out to Union groups. I had a copy and finally managed to get the huge file uploaded to YouTube so others could see what is going on with inmates replacing American workers.
I co-authored the award winning Prison Industry article for the Nation magazine last year in the ALEC Exposed project: "The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor" and have been researching, writing and blogging about this subject for nearly 10 years.
I wanted to thank you for reposting this here on Deep Politics Forum and helping to expose how our jobs are being stolen and why our prisons are kept full with between 600,000 and 1 million prisoners working in more than 300 prison factories coast to coast.

Bob Sloan
Executive Director
VLTP, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Bob, if you're reading this we're always more than happy to post such things. The more exposure of these inhuman fascism in action policies the better. I have down loaded the video as well in case it is ever removed by You tube.
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Magda Hassan Wrote:Bob, if you're reading this we're always more than happy to post such things. The more exposure of these inhuman fascism in action policies the better. I have down loaded the video as well in case it is ever removed by You tube.

Its a pretty safe bet it will be [removed] soon..... The irony is that the US gives lip service to what China [and others] do with their prison labor...and then they do much the same. Dance
The cold hard logic of capitalism.

Globalization leads to the outsourcing of manufacturing, transferring entire industries and production bases to cheap labour countries, leading to the mainstream consensus that American and European wages are "uncompetitive".

Lock up hundreds of thousands of people for minor crimes, pay them cents an hour thus undercutting developing country labour costs, even in sweatshops, and boast about the 24/7 availability, punctuality, and low absentee rate of this labour "pool".

Hey presto you now have an entirely captive labour market, which from the employer's viewpoint is entirely flexible. No pension contributions, no employment rights, prison guards instead of HR staff. If a worker misbehaves, bang him up in a cell.

It's a Wall Street wet dream.

Pure genius.