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Full Version: The Awful Grace of God: A review of Larry H's book on the MLK assassination by Marty Hay!
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The Awful Grace of God, Religious Terrorism, White Supremacy and the Unsolved Murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The MLK case is every bit as snakey as the JFK one (you guys didn't need me to tell you that though). If not more so because if people hate one thing more than a pinko Catholic thinking he runs the show! It's an uppity pinko black guy rallying against Vietnam and organising multi-ethnic social justice marches. My working knowledge of the King case is merely passable at best. Thus it is nowhere near the level of some people on this forum. Not to mention the three people at odd's in this review. I have had a lot to do with both LH and MH the last few years. Indeed LH told me way back this book would cause a stir, while MH let me look at the draft to his review some months ago. I like a lot of Larry's JFK stuff, I actually liked SWHT a little more than Jim did. It's also odd to note that I thought his book Nexus is in many ways better than the good review Larry got at CTKA. Wexler, I don't know quite so well. Nonetheless, his work with the neutron activation and bullet batch matches in the JFK case, not to his mention his many years worth of confrontations with Ken Rahn. Has certainly made for some rather enthralling reading. However, on the issue of MLK, I agree more often than not with Martin's take on Larry's and Stu's efforts. Anyhow, you the reader may not. Hence, I hope the stage can be set here on DPF for a great debate between two excellent blokes Larry and Martin (should he return) and a solid fellow like Stu (should he join up). But also anyone else interested in the case. But I'd really like to see these two/three have a word, at least at the start.

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