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Full Version: What Killed Arafat?
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I always find it strange how important murder investigations just 'disappear' from the news...Arafat; the spy in the North Face bag; Kelly;...and one can go on and on and on.....
Yes. We've got to keep digging where others want to let the sleeping dogs lie.

Report: France To Launch Probe into Yasir Arafat's Death

Agence France Presse reports that "French prosecutors have opened a murder inquiry into Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's 2004 death near Paris." In late July, Suha Arafat "formally asked for a French investigation into his death," according to the Associated Press.

A couple of weeks ago, Palestinian officials invited Swiss experts to come and exhume Yasir Arafat's body and test for traces of polonium.

Shortly thereafter, the Swiss experts said that they did not want to be involved if the exhumation and testing results will be used for political purposes.
Last Wednesday, Agence France Presse reported that the "Swiss radiation lab is awaiting a decision from Yasser Arafat's widow on whether it should conduct tests on the remains of the former Palestinian leader to see if he was poisoned."

Two days later, Agence France Presse reported that Suha Arafat had given the go ahead, however, a lab spokesman said that they were waiting for "a formal, written letter from the lawyer before travelling to Ramallah."
Well, POTENTIALLY good, but I fear it could be a facade for a cover-up.Confusedhutup:
To hell with the political consequences. Do the tests!
Albert Doyle Wrote:To hell with the political consequences. Do the tests!
Well, now they say the tests are to be soon.....but I don't see speed the theme here. The longer they wait, the less accurate [more contestable] the tests will be; due to the short half-life of Plutonium. There is still time now....but it is ticking....
Latest [and I mean LATE!] is that Arafat's body will be removed in two weeks for testing for Polonium....what the hell took so long?
His body is to be exhumed on Tuesday and tested a few days after. Results [final ones] could take several weeks. I don't understand what held this up, but the impasse seems to have been last.
So, it was done today.....but VERY WEIRD and suspicious is that a senior Palestinian Authority person [sorry didn't get his name] said the French and Swiss investigators of the remains for Polonium poisoning may NOT ask anyone questions NOR write up their results...that everything MUST be handled by the PA, who will determine what happens and what is asked or told......hmmmm....could some in the PA have had a hand in the murder? I would have most suspected Israel...but maybe they had some 'allies' in the PA.
28 Feb 2013 First results expected from poison tests on Yasser Arafat's body......
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