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Full Version: The "smoking gun" in toxic cover-up of aspartame
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Sun, July 8, 2012 4:14:57 AM
The "smoking gun" in toxic cover-up of aspartame
From: Brasscheck TV <>

In January of 2011, Woodrow C. Monte, Professor Emeritus of
Nutrition at Arizona State University, saw a memo that had been
kept secret for 30 years.

The memo proves that the FDA knew in 1978 that lab tests showed
birth defects and developmental brain damage caused by aspartame.

How is this poison still allowed?

Video: 10:24 minutes

- Brasscheck

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Guess what! Without the memo in that very interesting short video, we knew in Public Health community over four decades ago that there were extreme dangers with aspartame [and MANY other legal food additives]. They poison our food [and air and water and bodies] for profit alone. The commercial big-corporate food industry is a poison industry and responsible in large part [but not alone] for the increases in cancer and other diseases in 'developed' and developing societies. Eat natural and organic when you can. Avoid manufactured foods - especially by big companies. Read the labels and look up the name on the internet for dangers. Don't trust that the FDA and other agencies of government in USA or your country are doing anything but protecting the profits of the big corporations and giving a false sense of security. The EU does a better job than the USA does, but not good enough. UK has a bad record on this. Developing nations take what they can get and usually don't have the resources to test on their own. The former Soviet bloc has adopted without much question the 'American model' of 'modern' foods. You really are what you eat....and as to the 'same crowd of criminals' that are involved in most everything evil in society..I give you two examples of many.... [Other names for aspartame: Equal, Nutrasweet, Sugar Twin] What was Donald Rumsfeld doing before he collaborated with George Bush and Dick Cheney invent 9-11 and then to invade and destroy Afghanistan and Iraq (and the US economy, our Consitutional rights, and society/military in the process?) Answer: As CEO of G.D. Searle, he pimped for a chemical called "aspartame." For eight years, even the highly corrupt FDA refused to certify aspartame as safe because it produced seizures and brain tumors in lab animals. Then Ronald Reagan became president and removed the FDA commissioner who was blocking its acceptance. Rumsfeld's company followed up by presenting the FDA "new and improved" studies showing the additive to be safe. The data presented was later proven to have been falsified. [Shades of the decades later faked WMD in Iraq...!] Sound familiar? Aspartame is everywhere - currently legal and approved for use in almost anything companies want.It is a dangerous substance that causes cumulative damage to the brain and immune system. The following products often have aspartame in them: :nono: * Breath Mints * Carbonated Soft Drinks * Cereals * Chewing Gum * Flavored Syrups for Coffee * Flavored Water Products * Frozen Ice * Frozen Ice Cream Novelties * Fruit Spreads * Gelatin, Sugar Free * Hard Candies * Ice cream Toppings * Ice Creams, No Sugar Added or Sugar Free * Iced Tea, Powder * Iced Tea, Ready to Drink * Instant Cocoa Mix * Jams & Jellies * Juice Blends * Juice Drinks * Maple Syrups * Meal Replacements * Mousse * No Sugar Added Pies * Non-Carbonated Diet Soft drinks * Nutritional Bars * Powdered Soft Drinks * Protein Nutritional Drinks * Pudding * Soft Candy Chews * Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup * Sugar Free Cookies * Sugar Free Ketchup * Table Top Sweeteners * Vegetable Drinks * Yogurt, Drinkable * Yogurt, Fat Free * Yogurt, Sugar Free
Yes, Peter, it's enough to scare you from eating most anything these days. Many years ago when I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, a reaction of overproduction of insulin by the pancreas, I was put on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, much like that used by diabetics (who are hyperglycemics with low levels of insulin). I eliminated sugars and starches and started to use saccharin to sweeten my coffee. Saccharin has been used by diabetics for many years without problems, and is considered to be safe, certainly much safer than aspartame. When I taught Nutrition courses and told my students that methanol (wood alcohol) and formaldehyde are metabolic products of aspartame, it was enough to make my students start reading labels and avoid aspartame sweetened drinks and foods.

Our economic system is just plain unhealthy and corrupt. There must be a better way....

Adele Edisen Wrote:Our economic system is just plain unhealthy and corrupt. There must be a better way....


Yes, our economic/political system is based on greed at the top; revolving doors between industry and regulators, resulting in little to no regulation; and corrupt. On the issues of clean environment, air, water and foods alone we are failing into deadly territory. Much of the 'push' is driven by big Capital, big Pharma, big Chemical, big Oil, and big Political bosses - and they are all intertwined. No matter what one thinks of the system in the abstract, it has proven itself to be an unworkable and unfixable system - which must be replaced...and fast!
I had posted about Aspartame a few years ago at the link below:

The link to the "Sweet Misery" documentary no longer works,but it can be found on Youtube.It's a great video.