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Book: America's Nazi Secret - Adele Edisen - 14-06-2013

Interview of John Loftus, author of AMERICA'S NAZI SECRET, by Aaron Dykes of Info Wars..

Video: 56:30 minutes


And also:

Thu, June 13, 2013 6:08:59 PMOne third of modern US history is classified
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Jeff Rense conducts a fascinating interview
with researcher John Loftus.

Subject: The classified history of America.

What's the big secret they're keeping?

Among other things...

The close cooperation of US "elites" with Nazis
before, during and after World War II.

Video: 36:12 minutes long

- Brasscheck

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Book: America's Nazi Secret - Lauren Johnson - 14-06-2013

Previous John Loftus thread:

and this one is an oldie but a goodie with reference to Loftus:

Book: America's Nazi Secret - Peter Lemkin - 14-06-2013

Adele Edisen Wrote:

Interview of John Loftus, author of AMERICA'S NAZI SECRET, by Aaron Dykes of Info Wars..

Video: 56:30 minutes


I love Loftus and all of his books. The man is a goldmine of information and truth - painful truths! One of the most mind-blowing interviews I've seen in a long time despite the fact I know almost all of what he was saying....he has a way of putting it all together that makes one see much more clearly what has been going on and why! I'd suggest everyone download that one and watch it SEVERAL times....perhaps take the quantity of information in that hour is just IMMENSE. Not gone into were Dallas and 911, many other big ops - but using the framework and names Loftus mentioned, one can easily see how they all fit in with the bigger [THE BIG] picture he paints.....he can see it all and express it all in a way that those with a good background in covert ops and its history can readily understand. Brilliant stuff! Thanks Adele!

Book: America's Nazi Secret - Jim Hackett II - 14-06-2013

John Loftus' America's Nazi Secret....

I am just now reading this book. Impressed too with the materials as have been since reading The Secret War Against the Jews and Unholy Trinity that he coauthored.

Agreed that his work can stand as a positive template for events not covered in his works.
How far into the future can an Americanized Freikorps be?
It is already here in vigilante actions and martial law declared for a manhunt in Boston.

As common as the news. Deceptive as the MSM is, the proof is here.
Truth is no longer 'out there' but is here in our lives everyday,
further this is no Yank only deal is it?

Ask the Turks, they only wanted to keep a public park from being given to for profit developers. They asked for redress in peaceful lawful manner until ignored and confronted by oppression oriented forces of government.

Reminds me of President Kennedy's words about those that make peaceful change impossible....

Book: America's Nazi Secret - Lauren Johnson - 14-06-2013

I don't claim to be writing a critique of Loftus' work. Just a comment. His argument that there is a split between the State Dept/Justice Dept nexus and the CIA -- the CIA hunting Nazis and the others hunting them seems problematic. Whatever happened to the Gehlen Org? (I haven't listened to the first one yet.) Then there is the 9/11 caused by structural incompetence stemming from this conflict.

Jan reminds us in the John Loftus link I posted above:

Quote:Loftus writes: "The Bush family's scandal is that they funded Hitler and profited from the Holocaust" (October 31, 2003). In the same article, Loftus says that President George W. Bush is "not the sharpest tool in the shed, but has a good heart and the good sense not to follow in his father's footsteps." According to Loftus, "'W' has some good people around him who keep a firewall in the White House against his father's oil cronies." Loftus' statement about George W Bush is, at face value, one of the most naive utterances that I have ever read.

Loftus is not a naive man.

So, we're Through the Looking Glass, where nothing is as it seems.

We are possibly viewing the visible traces of otherwise invisible competition between elite factions.

Alternately, tracks are being laid in the snow in case they are needed in future scenarios.

Within the Drago framework of Mechanic - Facilitator - Sponsor:

Sponsor: "My Facilitator friend is my Valuable friend. Until he is my Dangerous enemy. And must be given up. Disposed of."

As the Thyssen history shows, elite players, Sponsors if you will, like to have all bases covered and plant seeds, many of which will wither and die, to further this ultimate aim.

Thomas Pynchon's (complex) narrator in Gravity's Rainbow articulated it perfectly: "It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."

The Art of the Master Magicians is to tell us where to look, what to think and how to feel.

The Magicians choose the rabbit and the hat, and steer our gaze away from the trapdoor at the centre of the stage.

The rare insightful soul whose curiosity leads to the strange anamoly, lurking, protruding, brooding, centre stage receives a one-way descent into Oblivion.....