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"The Snake and The Mongoose" film..... - Jim Hackett II - 03-09-2013

Opens the 6th.
Saw the premier. Non-racers won't get it I guess.

But if you were at Indy Raceway Park for the NATIONALS in in 67 - 78, you'll remember most of what happened in the bio-film of two heroes.
No Not the Speedway, the 1/4 mile built in 1960 in Clermont Indiana.
The Big Go for all the best to come andf have it out.
Who was the baddest of the bad for that year.....

Sadly, it is about the rise of corporate "big-time" NHRA drag racing.

The end of the cars with small sponsors and names of people on the "billboards" of the cars,
the rise of Winston and Budweeezer and etc. Race Teams? No one had that kind of money then......
And not entries in the same classes.....

Now we have the "Penske-plague" in NHRA, two or three TEAMS with any chance to win the Nationals titlles.
Indy 500 is now ruined by this plague and may never recover. Too few can win, no matter how good if short of corporate $$$$$.

The Nationals would never be the same after 1972. $$$$$$$ predominate forever after the Mattel deal.

Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen I still admire, brave men so damn good at living and surviving.

Now if someone would do THE FILM of Big Daddy Don Garlits' life.
Innovator, Champion with no equal, Savior of many a brave gearhead by moving the engine behind the driver AND making it work in 1971,
after a clutch explosion blew off half his foot.
I'd buy that film unless hoakey.
I'll buy Snake Prudhomme and Mongoose McEwen's film too, it is not hoakey and CGI'ed
- the old films are used not computer BS light and magic...
I suspect technology was used to clean up the views though.