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Greenland Ice Sheet Slipping - Lauren Johnson - 27-01-2014

not chunks of the ice sheet--the ice sheet as a unit.

Greenland Ice Sheet Slipping - Peter Lemkin - 27-01-2014

There is a great deal of melting going on...the water goes down to the bottom of the glacier unit and lubricates it with the rock mass. There is already much water that will soon find its way to the sea [raising the level] and more melting is to be expected and to increase in rate. We've fucked up the planet. While climate change is natural on Earth, baring catastrophic events such as large meteor strikes, it is usually very very gradual - so life can adapt. Not this time....even humans [who think they are so clever; but really are arrogant and for the most part stupid] will not be able to adapt in time unless the changes are stopped and reversed! :Confusedtampfeet::