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John Judge has died - Dawn Meredith - 16-04-2014

I just received an email from a long time researcher friend and close friend of John Judge that he has died. I am stunned. He was recovering.
John has been a friend for so long and the heart and soul of COPA.
Shocked and sad.


John Judge has died - Dawn Meredith - 16-04-2014

Dawn Meredith Wrote:I just received an email from a long time researcher friend and close friend of John Judge that he has died. I am stunned. He was recovering.
John has been a friend for so long and the heart and soul of COPA.
Shocked and sad.


Joseph Green, San Antonio researcher and close friend of John's - always helped out at COPA- posted on John's fb page that he died last night. I am assuming that he had a second fatal stroke. RIP old friend.

John Judge has died - Magda Hassan - 16-04-2014

Terrible news! He was recovering?! What a loss to the community. Stunned. Deepest condolences to his family and friends. May his memory be a blessing to those who loved him and remember him.

John Judge has died - Marlene Zenker - 16-04-2014

As the bickering within the community continues full force we have lost two greats in three days! Perhaps a time of reflection as well as mourning is called for here.

The works of John Judge and Michael Ruppert will stand the test of time, they and we have a common purpose, to seek out and share the truth. In their honor and memory I hope we can join together and respect each other's views without rancor.

Rest in peace, John, you have earned that peace.

John Judge has died - Peter Lemkin - 16-04-2014

Pffft! I'm too numb to write coherently. John was the person, only second to Mae Brussel - to whom he was a 'sprout', who actually got me working on Deep Political research - and believing all one needed to do so was a moral compass, hard work, the drive to ferret out hidden truths and documents, players, etc. and lots of time when one had little money. At my first JFK conference in Dallas I was sitting at a group table with many persons. One man was carrying on in a basso profundo voice. I turned to him and said, you sound like a man I've heard on the radio named John Judge. He smiled and said, it is likely I sound like him, because he is me - and smiled. We had prior exchanged email and even snail mail, but had never met. From that day to this we have been friends and I trusted him as much as any other JFK researcher or anti-fascist researcher - and more than most all others. He was honest, principled, patient, gracious, and hard working to a fault. This is a great blow to the community and a horrible personal blow to his friends [and me personally], family, and partner. John was more than a JFK researcher - but he was one of the leaders [perhaps THE leader] of the rest of the motley bunch. He had researched many other things and written extensively. Much of his writings can be found on , but not all. He was long head of COPA. He did 9-11 research and was a political aide to Congresswoman McKenney. He also helped high school kids to know what joining the military and killing was about - before they went - as well as helping mentally, emotionally and physically wounded veterans when they returned. He worked with the poor and homeless. He was a righteous human in every way and never gave up. I'm too sad to add more...later I will and some anecdotes. I'm glad he made it to the 50th, but we really needed him way beyond that! Many losses of late; many of them my friends and comrades in arms against the Beast. A sad, sad moment....and a tear runs down my eye. Farewell John! You did your best and many times more than most ever try to do. You never looked for money or glory - rarely even praise. You just did the right thing, because it was the right thing to do. We are poorer without you. We have lost another very significant person in our small, and often ill-mannered, community. Gone from us here, but not forgotten. John Judge Presente!


John Judge has died - Jim Hargrove - 16-04-2014

When John decided to open up his last COPA conference to the other political assassinations of the 1960s, some people thought it was a mistake, but it was clearly another indication of just how deeply he cared about the destruction of America's political leadership in the 1960s and the decades of war and increasingly reactionary politics that followed. John did more than most of us keeping the fight against the dark side alive, and he will be missed.

John Judge has died - Peter Lemkin - 16-04-2014

The Loss of John Judge Hits Hard

By davidswanson - Posted on 16 April 2014

Our society has lost a great activist today with the death of John Judge. No one spoke more clearly, strongly, and informedly on political power, militarism, and activism for positive change. While John lived next door to Dennis Kucinich -- and with one of the best views and one of the best collections of political books and documents -- in Washington, D.C., it was as staff person for Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that he advanced numerous causes of peace and justice and accountability for the powerful on Capitol Hill. On impeaching Bush and Cheney he was there first. John's expertise reached back into history and across continents. From the Kennedy assassination to conscientious objection to how-a-bill-becomes-a-law, he was a person to turn to for information and wisdom who was never anything but helpful, friendly, cheerful, and energetic. He could describe the hiring of Nazis in Operation Paperclip and the creation of the Cold War and then suggest that perhaps the Nazis actually won World War II. He could explain the creation of standing armies in such a manner that you knew without a doubt that either our society was insane or you were. He could get you thinking and get you active. And always with complete humility and good will. He will be missed.
I just opened this small selection of videos of John all at once, and it wasn't enough:

John Judge has died - Peter Lemkin - 16-04-2014

Lots of information on JJ's life and works and those who care about him are here on this thread:

John Judge has died - R.K. Locke - 16-04-2014

Very sad news indeed. RIP.

John Judge has died - Don Jeffries - 17-04-2014

So sorry to hear this news. He was a tremendous leader and we have all lost an essential part of the research community. I wasn't aware he'd worked for both Kucinich and McKinney. Can't pick two better representatives than that.

My most sincere condolences to his family and friends.