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Information about Tavistock Institute and... - Magda Hassan - 27-04-2009

Any one got any information handy about the Tavistock Institute? Also any information about Sir William Trethowan, Kurt Lewin, Cedric Howell Swanton.

This is to assist a local PhD researcher who suspects that single pregnant women until the late 1970's were illegally experimented on in some hospitals here. Dr.Harry Richard Bailey was the consultant psychiatrist in this hospital and also owned a private hospital, Chelmsford, which became notorious for its bizarre psychiatric treatments which resulted in several deaths and many destroyed lives and a Royal Commission.

Bailey's mentors were Trethowan and Swanton both of whom had connections to the TI (period 1930's to 1950's) and during the time it was run by the German Kurt Lewin IIRC. Bailey also spent 15 months on a World Health Organisation fellowship in the USA and Europe closely observing the sedation techniques, psychosurgery and electroconvulsive therapy methods of Ewan Cameron conducted at the Allen Memorial Institute. This leads to the possibility that the Crown Street Woman's hospital and the Chelmsford Private Hospital were used as a front for the activities of MK ULTRA type activities as occured in Canada with Ewan Cameron.

Sodium amytal, sodium pentobarbitone, chloral hydrate were extensively used in large amounts with these pregnat women before and after the birth. For what legitimate medical purpose would this be?

Why did Bowlby (post war TI) who advocated attachment theory also advocate the removal of the children of single mothers -eugenicists believed unwed mothers were feebleminded - was Bowlby influenced by Cyril Burt? Any suggestions, pointers?