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Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Nathaniel Heidenheimer - 13-05-2009

My question is this. Did Stan the ManII forsee post-9/11 US in this movie?

I know its Viena 1890ish but there was a real end of historyishness to the 1990s too, in a cartoon-prop way. If you haven't seen this movie don't believe the hype and the casting was genius because Kubrick wasn't using Tom Cruise acting he was using Tom Cruise As An Actor. Now her, I dunno...

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Jan Klimkowski - 13-05-2009

I've discussed "Eyes Wide Shut" extensively with another member here (largely offline), and we both agree that it's a highly occult movie, with initiate symbolism & esoteric concepts permeating frame after frame, scene after scene.

There are also nods to narco-trauma conditioning and Naval Intelligence/Scientology - in part through the casting of Cruise & Kidman, the lifeless Scientologist puppet protagonists....

"Eyes Wide Shut" is not a commercial movie. It is clearly something else.

Nate - why 9/11?

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - David Guyatt - 14-05-2009

I concur Jan. A very highly charged occult film that has many very unpleasant undertones. As I once mentioned there are elements in the film that clearly derive from considerable knowledge of occult rituals.

I am thinking particularly of the masked ball scene at the Long Island mansion that is said (see Wiki entry) to be a "Hierogamy inspired sexual orgy". Wiki's definition of "Hierogamy" (more often known as "Hieros gamos" from the Greek, means "Holy Wedding").

However, the true Heiros Gamos experience has no overt physical sexuality at all as it is a "wedding" of the opposite natures at war in man and, therefore, is a highly charged symbolic experience and represents a pinnacle of achievement.

I'm being completely bloody boring in focusing on this I realize, but the foregoing is simply to emphasis that the Eyes Wide Shut ritual is clearly Satanic in nature (if we use the term "Satanic" to mean negative and destructive, which is how I always apply it - and not necessarily "Goaty").

Kubrick was the joint writer of the film and, it seems to me, was responsible for inserting such an intense scene. I am quite certain that the ritual chanting in this sequence is authentic. And the choice of sountrack music for the scene is also cleverly contrived imo.

See the scene HERE

Quote:In the ritual, the incantations in the background are in Romanian, played backwards. The piece, named "Masked Ball", is an adaptation by Jocelyn Pook of her "Backwards Priests."


Quote:The background score during the orgy (where Tom Cruise walks from room to room) is a Tamil song sung by Manickam Yogeswaran who is a Carnatic singer.

The Tamil song in question is:

[quote] "Ithu kadala, ithu naragama", meaning Is it love, is it hell?[\quote]

I am also interested in Nate's reference to 911.

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Dawn Meredith - 17-05-2009

I have never seen this film as my husband though it just sounded like a porno type film with Tom and Nicole. Since reading comments here I really want to see it now. I too want to hear more about the 9-11 connection.

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Ed Jewett - 27-05-2009

No, I haven't seen the movie either but, from what I've gathered, I think Jan has it nailed down. Also, I just recently read an interview with Kubrick by Terry Southern entitled "Checkup with Doctor Strangelove" in a book called "Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print", edited by David Wallis (the article was killed by Esquire in 1963). Retrospect is always nice and 20/20 but, in this case, it was also funny and dead-on-accurate. And Kubrick was always a few steps ahead of the rest of the pack.

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Tim Edwards - 27-05-2009

Hi all,

New here. First and foremost - good job with the forum, I feel right at home.

Re: Eyes wide shut

A friend told me to watch this film after he introduced me to the entire global elite network information package. Needless to say I was already impressed by Kubrick's work, but this film was amazing. A work of art, so subtle, that you need to know what to look for in order to see it. It makes me smile to think that Tom Cruise might still have no idea what he was a part of.

Anyway, what I wanted to add to this post is that my friend is convinced that Kubrick did not die of natural causes. Admittedly he must have been rather wiped out after 400 days of shooting, however there might still be a chance that his heart attack was not caused by huge amounts of stress. If anything, his heart should have failed at the peak of its activity, not after all the work was done.

According to IMDB Kubrick died four days after presenting EWS to Warner Bros. As far as I've heard from the likes of David Icke (et al) people such as Walt Disney, and therefore perhaps the good people of Warner Bros., have exciting reputations to uphold amoung the global elite. Furthermore, according to Kubrick's daughter, Kubrick was supposed to do various interviews about EWS as soon as it was properly released.

It strikes me as very odd that a man who can withstand such a great deal of pressure should die in his sleep. Especially before he ever got the chance to publicly explain what this great film was about. Its obviously about the disturbing and unethical habits of the powerful elite; their greatest secrets, which have now been unveiled. I have much admiration for Kubrick, and anyone else who put their lives on the line to expose dirty secrets. On the one hand I feel awake, and somewhat fortunate to have the privilege of gaining and understanding the knowledge of these facts, although on the other hand it makes life a nightmarish, torturous and unfair experience - one which in the long run convinces me that ignorance indeed is bliss.

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Dawn Meredith - 07-06-2009

Saw EWS last night. The masked ball scene is definately Satanic. I agree that Cruise had no idea what he was being used to promote. I'd like to see a more complete discussion of this very unusual film. It left me very unsettled.
Also with questions for the director, alas...

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Jan Klimkowski - 07-06-2009

Stanley Kubrick was a most meticulous and obsessive man.

His films are so finely crafted at the technical level that their effect is sometimes cold and chilling. He was notorious for endless takes and for pushing actors to display precisely the emotions (or lack of emotion) that he wanted to see on screen.

Kubrick's casting of the then golden couple of Scientology, Cruise & Kidman, was a highly calculated decision. Kidman's fantasy lover/controller is a Naval officer.

Operating Thetans & L Ron. :dancing:

Cruise & Kidman as automatons incapable of independent thought?

I have no doubt that Stanley obtained the performance from his leads that he desired.

Eyes Wide Shut is suffused with authentic occult imagery which resonates for those who have Eyes Wide Open.

Operation Open Eyes - one of Gunther Russbacher's Octopus tales.

What was Kubrick actually suggesting?

And why?

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - David Guyatt - 08-06-2009

One key segment of EWS was, to my mind, where Cruise was saved from death at the masked ball by his hooker acquaintance. In rescuing him she knew she would have to pay the price of saving his life by surrendering her own life.

This tells us that there were far deeper and darker meanings to this film.

But as I have mentioned earlier in this thread, the choice of the incantation/song "backwards priests" and the score for the scene "Is it love , is it Hell" all speak of something diabolical. In fact Jocely Pook who composed the backward chant used by Kubrick choose it specifically to make it sound diabolical. Kubrick knew this and choose the piece for that reason.

This all leads me to wonder if the name of the chant "backward priests", was chosen as a substitute name for "dog priests"?. In the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorra, Lot looking “backward” was turned to a pillar of stone. I mention this Biblical curiosity because, as Robert Graves has written, the priests who officiated at Sodomy rituals (the “Enariae”) were known colloquially as “Dog priests” - drawn from “Dog days”, a term relating to the rising of the “Dog star” Sirius (see: (Robert Graves was an esotericist of standing. His book “The White Goddes” remains an occult masterpiece in the eyes of many esotericists).

Sex Magick featured throughout the film and indeed was the core aspect of the masked ball scene.

This also leads me to conclude that the choice of profession alloted to Cruise’s saviour, that of Hooker, was purposefully chosen by Kubrick to fit the overall occult dimensions of his film - sex magick, blood sacrifice and diabolos.

Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11 - Jan Klimkowski - 08-06-2009

David - all good stuff.

Sex magick - with dog priests and hookers with hearts of gold.

Sex as a means to a (transcendent?) end?

Sex as a means of control?

Narco-trauma-mind control through the channelling of sex.

Whilst the LSD Svengali Sandor Szavost is seducing the increasingly drunken Kidman, Cruise (the good doctor) is having a superficially banal but in reality highly charged conversation with some passing Candy Jones models.

Quote:Cruise asks where they are leading him, to which they reply:

“To the end of the rainbow.”

One of the young ladies then asks Dr. Harford:

“Don’t you want to go to where the rainbow ends?”

To which he replies:

“That all depends where that is.”
I've spoken with and interviewed very many potential survivors of covert mind control programmes. It is an area filled with bear traps and disinformation - designed to discredit serious researchers and, most importantly, the victims of these crimes.

In my judgement, what is known as "Monarch" is probably mostly disinformation.

However, there were real deep black experiments on children, involving sex through an extreme Ewen-Cameron-meets-Behaviourism-meets-piece-of-meat-functionality.

The journey to the end of the rainbow is a key concept in many of these testimonies.

I've touched on elements of the mind control experiments in many threads on DPF. For instance, here:

Jan Klimkowski Wrote:In his documentary, "You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough", gifted film-maker Adam Curtis argues that mind control programmes such as MK-ULTRA ultimately proved unsuccessful.

As a result, Curtis' film argues, the military-industrial complex abandoned its dream of directly controlling the individual mind. Instead, it turned to ever more sophisticated forms of mass propaganda - such as the manipulation of the historical record and the shaping of contemporary reality as presented through network television news & current affairs.

Curtis' argument probably represents the consensus amongst those few academic historians who are interested in MK-ULTRA and its legacy. I believe that consensus to be wrong.

Many years of researching Bluebird/Artichoke/MK-ULTRA and its even more hidden British counterpart, and speaking and corresponding with individuals who claim to have been guinea pigs in these programmes, have convinced me that the covert mind control techniques had three main origins:

i) the medical and psychological research on soldiers with "shellshock" dating back to the Crimean and American Civil War, and continuing through WW1 & WW2. Many soldiers whose psyches had been fragmented by the experience of terrible events, and were suffering from what we now term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, effectively became experimental subjects. Whilst many of the shellshock doctors had the best of intentions, others were directly involved in the mind control programmes. For instance, perhaps the most famous of all the British shellshock doctors, William Sargant, collaborated extensively with Ewen Cameron and Sidney Gottlieb of MK-ULTRA notoriety. Sargant even betrayed CIA doctor Frank Olson to Gottlieb when Olson described his horror at witnessing terminal mind control experiments in 1953, probably either in Britain or in former IG Farben buildings in Frankfurt which were by then occupied by the CIA. Olson's son, Eric, has good evidence that his father was subsequently murdered by CIA elements;

ii) the very mechanical theories of the brain which were academically fashionable at the time of WW2, particularly Operant Conditioning, Classical Conditioning, and Behaviourism, and their gurus - IP Pavlov and BF Skinner. These very crude psychological frameworks suggested to the mind control doctors that the human brain could be programmed. These theories drove much of the research well into the 1970s when Drs Ervin and Mark, proteges of Robert G Heath (of brain electrode fame) and Louis Jolyon West (of MK-ULTRA notoriety) attempted to convert a disused missile base into a location for eradicating violent tendencies in primarily black prisoners using methods which can perhaps be best described as lobotomization of the limbic system. Ervin and Mark even suggested Lee Harvey Oswald's brain would have been ideal for their destructive techniques;

iii) the shamanic and occult techniques for creating trance and dissociated states, and for guiding or controlling the behaviour of an individual placed in such a state.

It is this third occult/shamanic element that Peter Levenda's concept of the "Manson Secret" captures (articulated in his brilliant Sinister Forces trilogy), and which Marks' concept of the "Manchurian Candidate" does not. The triggering of the dissociated state often involves the same techniques: eg hypnosis, narcotics, sensory deprivation, pain (whether self-inflicted, eg being made to stand with arms outstretched and fingers inches above a live electric wire, or inflicted by another person), trauma, fear. However, the "Manson Secret" concept makes explicit the fact that the people who best knew how to programme and control dissociated states were those with an occult or shamanic background.

These mind control programmes, which began with experiments on POWs, prisoners, enemy nationals and orphans, appear - over time - to have been increasingly contracted out. Sometimes this contracting out went to black military operations. I have testimony from several individuals of the increasingly sophisticated use of hypno-narcotic programming, and sensory deprivation/trauma experiments, occuring during the Vietnam War's Phoenix Program. Both on the individual level - programming of friendly operatives prior to a sensitive operation. And on the mass level - acts of horror designed psychologically to terrorize and traumatize the enemy. Douglas Valentine, the historian of the Phoenix Program, has described horrific events which take on an entirely different cast if viewed through the lens of MK-ULTRA.

The other major form of contracting out was to plausibly deniable fronts - particularly cults. Jim Jones was a protege of CIA torture specialist Dan Mitrione. Jonestown and the People's Temple, with its white leadership (many with family connections to the Chemical-Biological-Warfare nexus), its exotic and extensive pharmacy featuring drugs such as Thorazine, its medical wristbands for identifying cult members, and its "Blue-Eyed Monster" and sensory deprivation pit (a human version of mad behaviourist Harry Harlow's "pit of despair") being obvious examples.

Quote:The (People's) Temple also used electroshock treatments to modify the behavior of the children entrusted to their care. In a locked room of the San Francisco Temple was a machine that only the children to be disciplined and an attending nurse were allowed to see. The machine was named "The Blue-Eyed Monster" though later reports referred to it as "The Blue-Eyed Demon". Some said this Aryan devil was a simple cattle prod, others claimed it was a heart defibrulator or the shock treatment machine the Temple had acquired from Mendocino State Hospital. Few children would describe the apparatus; but those who did said it was a scaled-down version of an executioner's electric chair. The child was strapped into the metal chair and electrodes were attached to various parts of his or her body. Though the machine itself was hidden from the general adult congregation, Jones would call out the names of those children to be disciplined and they would be taken into the Blue-Eyed Monster's den. A microphone, attached to the public address system, was placed in the room. The general congregation heard no noises from the machine only the screams of the children attached to it. The child emerged from the room and ran to Jim Jones; grovelling at his feet to say "Thank you - Thank you" in robot-like repetition.

Later, in Jonestown, the physical beating and shock treatments of the Temple children were replaced with sheer terror in the form of "Big Foot"; a monster that Jones told them lived in a shallow well on the outskirts of the jungle community. Children who misbehaved were lowered into the well, where, unknown to them, adults were hiding in the darkness. The adults made animal sounds and grabbed at the child's dangling legs in a feigned attempt to pull him into the abyss.

[p388-9, Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?, Michael Meiers]

Jim Jones was a charismatic leader and expert hypnotist who learnt many of his techniques studying evangelical street preachers, such as David Miranda and his "Church of God is Love" movement, in Brazil. However, Jones himself may have been programmed. He seems to have had a double who appeared for photo opportunities in Castro's Cuba whilst the real Jim was being "treated" in Hawaii as a patient in the Langley-Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute (LPNI) for several months. LPNI is known to have undertaken ELF experiments on behalf of ARPA (the Advanced Research Projects Agency). Nearly every single one of the Jonestown survivors was taken to LPNI for psychiatric "evaluation" after the massacre.

Jones and his People's Temple cult were creating dissociated individuals and providing them with a new, cult-created, framework in which to live. Jonestown itself, totally cut off from the outside world, can at one level be seen as a giant sensory deprivation experiment. However, Jones was at least providing a setting and a shared mythology for his human guinea pigs. The doctors of MK-ULTRA, who attempted to programme individuals for specific tasks such as assassination, provided no such shared mythology.

All shamans know that once you open the Pandora's Box of the mind, you have to provide the initiate with a cosmology, a map for the journey. Those who ran MK-ULTRA (and its successors) were truly blind to the Pandora's Box, the Manson Secret, they were unlocking. Indeed, they were more Behaviourist or Pavlovian than Shaman.

For the first-person testimony of a recently deceased gentleman who believes he was part of the human detritus of MK-ULTRA, and the Search for the Manson Secret, "vern's" account can be found at the link below. "vern" had no documentation to prove that what he believes happened to him actually did happen - so there is a possibility that his account is not entirely true. However, there is independent corroboration that Ditran - a powerful and very nasty hallucinogen - was secretly tested on humans, and one of its victims, in his own words, was Ken Kesey:


Jan Klimkowski Wrote:Synopsis of the 1940 film of Maeterlinck's Blue Bird, starring Shirley Temple:

Quote:Mytyl (Shirley Temple), the bratty daughter of a woodcutter, finds a unique bird in the Royal Forest and selfishly refuses to give it to her sick friend. That night she is visited in a dream by a fairy named Berylune who sends her and her brother Tytyl to search for the Blue Bird of Happiness. To accompany them, the fairy magically transforms their dog Tylo, cat Tylette (played by Gale Sondergaard), and lantern ("Light") (played by Helen Ericson) into human form. The children have a number of adventures including a visit with their (deceased) grandparents in the Land of the Past, a stay in The Land of Luxury, an attack by angry trees and lightning which results in a forest fire, a meeting with Father Time, and, in the Land of Tomorrow, populated by unborn children, a meeting with Abraham Lincoln as a young boy (he prophesies "they will destroy me"), and a meeting with their future sister. The dream journey makes the previously unhappy and selfish Mytyl awake as a kinder and gentler girl who has learned to appreciate all the comforts and joys of her home and family. Much like MGM's The Wizard of Oz, the story starts in sepia and changes to Technicolor for the magical dream sequence.

Sharon Tate's own words:

Quote: “I’d like to be a fairy princess––a little golden doll with gossamer wings, in a voile dress, adorned with bright, shiny things. I see that as something totally pure and beautiful. Everything that’s realistic has some sort of ugliness in it."

Project Blue Bird was the first known codename for the narco-hypnosis-behaviourist-trauma mind control experimentation undertaken by US intelligence agencies in the immediate aftermath of WW2.

A key part of Lee Harvey Oswald's intelligence legend was created at the Bluebird cafe in Yamato, whilst he was stationed at the U-2 and MK-ULTRA base otherwise known at Atsugi.

And here:

Jan Klimkowski Wrote:Linda - some excellent Namebase-style dot joining in your post #36 above.

What we seem to have, at its most fundamental, is not only a desire to control human beings, but a fervent belief that human beings could be controlled. Like Pavlov's dogs.

The means of controlling people is an extreme, renegade, form of Behaviourism, based on pleasure and pain, reward and punishment. Combined with manipulation of the subconscious mind.

Hence all the Bluebird/Artichoke/MK-ULTRA work on dissociative states. And all the testing of hallucinogenic and psychosis-inducing drugs.

Promis was a spooky wet dream of tracking human behaviour, and using it to predict future behaviour. Again in a very crude form (although not that different from the many silly attempts used by the spooks today to "predict" future behaviour). However, it's fascinating and frightening that Earl Brian was yet another Phoenix Program veteran.

Between the "expendable" captive population in American prisons, and the "expendable" "gook" population of SE Asia in the Phoenix Program, a vast human laboratory was available to the "doctors" of MK-ULTRA (in its broad, umbrella, sense).

One little footnote. A recent biographer claimed that the spook and novelist, Anthony Burgess, based A Clockwork Orange on real behaviour modification programmes carried out in secret American military experiments, that Burgess had learned of through his intelligence connections.

So far, not so surprizing.

However the alleged location of these military experiments is a surprize. And a very suggestive one.

These experiments were said to have taken place in Fort Bliss. And Fort Bliss was where a large number of the Nazi "scientists" spirited out of Europe under Paperclip were taken.

A Nazi Blue Bird... reborn from the ashes of World World Two... in Vietnam and California... as a Phoenix???

A Phoenix Program?

Seeking to control the extremes of human behaviour through Programming.

Seeking to track and predict human behaviour through Promis.

However, as Clockwork Orange director, Stanley Kubrick, chronicled, HAL and his programmes don't always work as planned....