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Negative interests rates and the NWO - Lauren Johnson - 20-01-2016

Negative interest rates are coming your way. Here is an interview given today at the World Economic Forum at Davos of Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University Professor, on the current market plunges. The solution: negative interest rates.

Negative interest rates mean that you will be charged a fee for holding cash in a bank account. Of course, this would push people to buy paper assets like stocks and bonds. If you have heard the phrase, the "war on cash", this is what it is referring to. And yes, once you own assets that can go up or DOWN, the fear and anxiety index of a society will be tied to whether they are going up or down. This is a powerful form of population control. Possibly the ultimate weapon to fight independent thinking.

Since markets have come under the control of central banks, one would have to think that "investors" will be begging for negative interest rates to save them from losing any more and that the current market downturn and coming recession if not depression is in part designed to bring them to that point.