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Scott Enyart on the RFK assassination - Joseph McBride - 09-06-2016

I posted on Facebook a commemoration of RFK's shooting
and comments about how Sirhan didn't shoot him but
that it is likely Thane Eugene Cesar was the assassin.

This prompted a revealing exchange with witness and photographer
Scott Enyart:

Scott Enyart: The odds of two people opening fire at the same time, potentially shooting each other are off the connection between Sirhan and Ceasar can be made..still a mystery...

June 6 at 2:10pm

Kevin Harris: And there are STILL some missing photos....correct Mr. Enyart? Or they went missing en route to you sometime in the 80's? Its crazy.

June 7 at 5:21am

Joseph McBride: Mr. Enyart, did you hear or see gunfire from more than one direction? Do you think you may have captured a second gunman in your photos? It is terrible how they withheld them from you and then "lost" them.

June 7 at 9:08pm · Edited

Scott Enyart: I was behind Bobby about ten feet, the gunfire sounded like popping ballons, I saw Bobby fall down, Paul Schrade fell back on Me knocking Me to the ground, I jumped up on a steam table to take more pictures, only then did I realize they had been shot, then the dogpile on Sirhan, He managed to get his hand out and continue shooting, My pictures would have shown RFK and Ceasar full length during the attack.

June 6 at 4:32pm

Joseph McBride: Thanks very much for sharing your memories, Mr. Enyart. Did you see Cesar or anyone else besides Sirhan firing? What a tragedy your photos have been "lost" by the authorities. They obviously were of prime importance.

June 7 at 3:38pm · Edited

Dror Izhar: Sad very sad.

June 7 at 6:57am

Scott Eyart: Did not see His gun until He had fallen, He looked at it and holstered
it, I was looking through the viewfinder and I always watch the faces
when I'm shooting.

June 7 at 8:45pm

Scott Enyart: Stolen during My trial in 93

June 7 at 8:58pm