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The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK - Jim DiEugenio - 21-11-2016

New article by Paul Bleau on the three failed attempt prior to Dallas to kill Kennedy.

Very nice check list at the end for comparison purposes.

The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK - Mark A. O'Blazney - 21-11-2016

Very nice checklist, indeed. Thanks, Jim.

It is my contention that many of the unreleased files had been tampered with during the Johnson Administration, so as to prove that the documents were from that era.

The sense of smell is important in discerning these documents, as we shall find out in less than a year now.

The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK - Magda Hassan - 21-11-2016

Such optimism Mark.

The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK - Jim DiEugenio - 21-11-2016

If you look a the checklist, the most common traits are the past Marine service, the Mexico Connection, and the FPCC membership.

In that respect, it seems like the same set up in many ways.

Concerning the last, Phillips was one of the two men in charge of the CIA's anti- FPCC program ( the other guy was McCord).

Phillips was in charge of CIA ops in Mexico.

The Three Prior Plots to kill JFK - Scott Kaiser - 07-12-2016

Oh, and there was something I did want to tell Jim, to help him out here, you of couse know about these three place's of where they were planning to assassinate Jack, I wonder, did you hear about the planned plot to assassinate Jack in New York? No one needs to answer, I dont care if anyone knew, but the man who did wrote it down in his letter, now you know who was suppose to visit Jack in New York. So, the next time you speak about Chicago, Dallas and Tampa, don't forget Miami and New York, or didn't you know?

For those of you who have read what I had to say over the years, concider yourselfs fortunate to have read such material for those of you who have not understood consider yourselves lucky. For those who have never heard me, they are considered less fortunate. For those who heard and understood, all I can say is, now you know.

There are too many stories, and there's no need to come crashing down on someones parade. They all have a story to tell, but only the select few have proof.