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Naked short selling - redefining systemic risk - Magda Hassan - 25-05-2009

This is the newest video from Deep Capture Productions, examining the attack on Sedona Corp, and applying the insights gained from it to the broader market — including the possibility that the federal government has recently been spending billions of dollars to take the liability of accumulated failed trades off the books of broker-dealers.
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Naked short selling - redefining systemic risk - Magda Hassan - 25-05-2009

Shocking insights into the mind of a naked short seller

Posted on 07 April 2009 by Judd Bagley

Warning: the following video clip is not safe for work.
Not because the content itself contains inappropriate language, but because of the language it will very likely evoke upon watching it.
This is the final three minutes of today’s Bloomberg-TV hosted debate between former SEC Commissioner Roel Campos and infamous short seller Manuel Asensio.
What this represents, more than anything, is confirmation of the long-suspected belief that naked short sellers inhabit an alternate moral universe, complete with an alternate version of reality.
There might be no other explanation for what transpires in this debate, which includes such gems as the following by Asensio:
“There should be no reason to borrow stock. One should be able to sell stock at will, regardless of whether the people that are manipulating the stock up are willing to lend it to short sellers…There is absolutely no economic reason why America should cause and force short sellers to borrow stock.”
You’ve been warned…

([url=]you can view the full debate here
As a post-script, it’s worth pointing out that, by way of ascribing motives to otherwise incomprehensible actions, Gary Weiss spent much of his career at Business Week fawning over and taking orders from Asensio. Here are some examples.