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New Story about Albert Osborne - Alan Ford - 25-07-2017

Sadly, the telling point here, Mr. DiEugenio, is while the nation was entrusting its institutions, they were too busy covering up what really happened.

Their interference in the lives and normal behaviors of private citizens, in this case the push to eliminate any death notices about Bowen/Osborne in widely read publications, to avoid bringing any attention to his life and times is very telling about to what great lengths the accessories after the fact go to to conceal the truth.

Bowen/Osborne was obviously connected with some well heeled individuals to avoid battle/conflict twice in a major world war with different armies, and later go on to do some extensive traveling/missionary work without any source of documented income (eat your hearts out Ruthie & Mikey).

New Story about Albert Osborne - Jim DiEugenio - 26-07-2017

I am glad you made the parallel with the Paines.

It was crying out to be spoken.

New Story about Albert Osborne - Alan Ford - 26-07-2017

Jim DiEugenio Wrote:I am glad you made the parallel with the Paines.

It was crying out to be spoken.

Yes, of course, Mr. DiEugenio, you are right @ a telling pattern certainly presents itself alright…

"Allen Dulles, who headed the CIA in its early years, was responsible for using religious groups as cover for intelligence activities. He had used them for spying even when he was part of the Office of Strategic Services which was CIA's predecessor. After the creation of the CIA, Christian missionaries played a very important role…" excerpted from the article The Religious Crusades of the CIA, written by Arvind Kumar, 21-01-2015.

Given the above timeline activities of the Agency's predecessor, and who was at the helm in charge of such operations, it's not frivolous to ponder the possibility that Bowen/Osborne's missionary work during this same time period may have intersected with the objectives of the Agency in some capacity.

As much as I despise him, Allen Dulles exemplified brilliance akin to a master tactician in his duties. Wasn't it also him who coined the phrase Plausible Deniability?, the ability for an individual and/or group to deny knowledge of or be responsible for their covert actions. Talk about eating one's cake and having it too.

Dulles would have given the deceitful, sinister Serpent in the Garden of Eden a run for his money. Akin to the unknown entity moving Bowen/Osborne along a concerted path, I believe the FBI also discovered that while Mr. Oswald was halfway around the world on "defection" duty, someone stateside was using his identity. A pattern presents, and who would be surprised if Dulles is found lurking in the shadows with a crooked smirk playing across his smug face. #$%@ clown.

New Story about Albert Osborne - Jim DiEugenio - 02-08-2017

You know what I say about AWD?

I respect his brains as much as I don't the uses to which he put them.

New Story about Albert Osborne - Alan Ford - 02-08-2017

History will always record, Mr. DiEugenio--unlike the lying treasonous coward Allen Welsh Dulles was--you are on the right side of honor, truth and justice.

Sadly, the truth was Dulles' kryptonite. His membership on the Warren Commission is very telling. Whether it was moving the likes of Mr. Oswald and Osborne around upon the Agency's grand chess board, or concealing the genuine truth from the American people, Dulles basked in deception. Coward.