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McAdams loses Round Two - Jim DiEugenio - 16-08-2017

McAdams lost at the administrative level. He has now lost in the court room.

He now says he will appeal.

Note how McAdams's spin still controls the MSM. The writer says this was over a blog post. Not true. McAdams blogged on this several times, he would not let up. He then went on the radio, and gave it even wider coverage. That is when all the rightwing nuts started threatening the grad assistant Abbate.

When McAdams went on Fox, that is how he tried to spin it, as one blog post. And the MSM is still spinning it that way.

McAdams loses Round Two - Dawn Meredith - 18-08-2017

Yea. He needs to get a new life.

I don't know how you deal with all the pro McMadman posters over at EF Jim. I was just over there it seems to have actually gotten worse. :Toilet:

McAdams loses Round Two - Alan Ford - 18-08-2017

In a professional setting, some things are best handled in a professional manner amid a decorum of decency and respect for someone else's safety and well-being. Sadly, both parties have/are suffered/suffering due to the less than respectful and responsible actions of an elder.

Wish both parties well going forward, but it would make my day IF Professor McAdams makes a public apology and takes some responsibility here.

McAdams loses Round Two - Jim DiEugenio - 18-08-2017

Who are "both parties" Alan?

McAdams loses Round Two - Alan Ford - 18-08-2017

My apologies, Mr. DiEugenio, for late response...momentarily sidetracked by an interesting video shared on a thread introduced by Super Mod Lauren Johnson ---->

My reference to "both parties" meant the individual Professor McAdams' bullies @ disregarding their essential right to privacy, and, the professor himself to own up and take some responsibility for his gross indiscretions.

Cowboy up, McAdams?, or should I not hold my breath?

McAdams loses Round Two - Jim DiEugenio - 19-08-2017

Cheryl Abbate did not sue McAdams or Marquette.

Marquette took action against McAdams and he refused a compromise deal they offered.

So the parties are McAdams and Marquette, the action is wrongful termination.