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Tracking Oswald: Part 7 - Jim DiEugenio - 12-01-2018

Bob Baer does not give up, does he? Another Castro did it pastiche.

Well, neither does Kennedys and King, take that Bob

Tracking Oswald: Part 7 - Alan Ford - 16-01-2018

Bravo!, Mr. Fernandez (Arnaldo)

Two Thumbs Up @ Facts countering the Agency's contrived fiction. The major difference between Fact and pigeon-droppings-fiction is the obvious contrast between what Mr. Fernandez is sharing in his well written, in depth piece , and what the deceptive, misleading professional liars espouse in Langley.

In spite of who their mouthpiece(s) may be at a given time, the Agency has failed miserably to conclusively explain away the Oswald impersonators...impersonating him on more than a few occasions :

*FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's memo as early as 1960...

*the obvious buffed & bald impersonator (3x larger than the MUCH slender wrongly accused) caught on film in Mexico City ---->

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9259&stc=1]
*Credit: impersonator

and. of course the ---->

*the obvious voice-impersonations of the wrongly accused as well.

Only treasonous cowards find themselves cowering behind sealed documents.

Tracking Oswald: Part 7 - Jim DiEugenio - 18-01-2018

Thanks Alan.

Bob Baer is an absolute sell out.

I mean who buys this Castro crap today anyway?

Tracking Oswald: Part 7 - Alan Ford - 18-01-2018

A spot on assessment, Mr. DiEugenio, amazing what some people will do and say for thirty pieces of silver.

The only people who believe the Mafia, the former U.S.S.R and/or Castro was responsible for President Kennedy's murder are those who wish to remain in MUCH easier to handle than the absolutely truth.

The plain simple truth didn't need 26 volumes, nor does the plain simple truth resonate w/BB's lengthy next round of pigeon dropping-dumps.

Is some absolute truth TOO MUCH to ask ---->

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9267&stc=1]
*credit Mr. Kelly @

The Agency's "truth" is akin to a wily serpent.