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JFK and RFK - Richard Coleman - 14-02-2018

About RFK:

In "Meet the CIA: Guns, Drugs and Money", Counterpunch January 26, 2018, bylined Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn:

Robert Kennedy, for one, didn't share Bissell's squeamishness. Kennedy, who was obsessed with the elimination of Castro, told Allen Dulles that he didn't care if the Agency employed the Mob for the hit as long as they kept him fully briefed. Robert Kennedy would go to his grave defending the Agency.* "What you're not aware of is what role the CIA plays in the government," RFK told Jack Newfield of the Village Voice shortly before his assassination. "During the 1950s, for example, many of the liberals who were forced out of other departments found a sanctuary, an enclave, in the CIA. So some of the best people in Washington, and around the country, began to collect there. One result of that was the CIA developed a very healthy view of Communism, especially compared to State and some other departments. They were very sympathetic, for example, to nationalist, and even socialist governments and movements. And I think now the CIA is becoming much more realistic, and critical, about the war, than other departments, or even the people in the White House. So it is not so black and white as you make."
*WTF!!?? This paragraph is not footnoted or referenced by the way.

About JFK:

"In The Shadows of The American Century", Alfred W. McCoy, (2017), page 83:

At the peak of the cold war, President Eisenhower avoided conventional combat yet authorized 170 covert CIA operations in 48 nations while President Kennedy approved 163 more during his three years in office.*

*This is referenced to Legacy of Ashes, page 321

I never heard of either of these. Any comments?

JFK and RFK - Jim DiEugenio - 15-02-2018

Yes, since its bullshit.

If RFK has been telling Allen Dulles what to do, then he would not have needed to be briefed by the CIA when the story broke in 1962. He was not around for any of the beginnings of those plots. He did not know anything about the CIA or its operations until JFK moved him over to Mongoose. And that was to keep an eye on the CIA.

The interview by the Church Committee with CIA's Scott Breckinridge--who co-wrote the IG Report-- makes this all pretty clear. But further, he admits the CIA knowingly lied to RFK about the plots being halted. They knew they had not been stopped. They were ongoing as RFK was briefed. And they describe his reactions just as Hoover did, the longer they spoke, the harder he was grinding his teeth.

The only decent part of Bugliosi's book is where he interviews Helms about a year before he died and Dirty Dick said, the Kennedys knew nothing about the plots. In fact, as Siegenthaler told Ron Goldfarb, RFK called Helms into his office and scolded him about it once he found out.

But there is even more on this coming out in Lisa Pease's book on RFK.

More of the Loony left.

JFK and RFK - Jim DiEugenio - 15-02-2018

And by the way that whole thing about JFK approving more CIA operations than Eisenhower is really deceiving.

Simply because, Mongoose was made up of dozens of small covert operations.

But you want to compare that with:

1. The overthrow of Arbenz which led to the eventual deaths of 200,000 people in Guatemala.

2. The overthrow of Mossadegh, which led to the deaths and imprisonments of tens of thousands in Iran and was an indirect cause of the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East. Which JFK warned about in his 1957 Algeria speech. (RFK ordered a State Department memo on what the costs and liabilities would be in returning Mossadegh to power.)

3. The attempted overthrow of Sukarno in Indonesia.

4. The attempted murder of Lumumba,and according to Stockdale, the getting rid of his body, which again unleashed the deaths of tens of thousands of Congolese.

These people have so little in depth knowledge of history, and they trust the worst sources, that is why I call them the Loony Left.