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Stunning Interview with Mort Sahl - Jim DiEugenio - 28-03-2018

Do not miss this remarkable interview with Mort Sahl from Pacifica Archives.

He goes into detail about how his career was ruined on the air waves in the late sixties because he would not shut up about the JFK case either on his radio show or his TV show. And wait until you see what his ratings were when he got cancelled.

It is a little known fact that it was Mort Sahl who got Garrison his appearance on the Tonight Show and the interview in Playboy. After the Tonight Show Carson told him back stage he would never be on his show again. What guts this guy has. If one reads this in conjunction with the interview I did with John Barbour, you will see how the powers that be made sure that the JFK case and Garrison would not be given a fair hearing with the American public.

Stunning Interview with Mort Sahl - James Lewis - 28-03-2018

Boy. He nails it. He just damn NAILED IT.

Reason No. 11879 as to why I trust the corporate mass media about as far as I can throw their collective asses.