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Fiction is Stranger than Truth - Lauren Johnson - 24-07-2018

John Newmann: Antonio Veciana and David Phillips - Cuba 1959 - 1961

Fiction is Stranger than Truth - Scott Kaiser - 27-07-2018

Okay, so now everyone knows he lied, it is really that important to follow up on when everyone knows it isn't the truth? Interestingly enough, after I met him, I didn't ask the question about whether he saw Oswald with David Atlee Phillips. I think Robert did. When you have certain men involved in whacking the most powerful man in the world, you limit yourself to those who you can work with, or, at the very least work with those you knew a long time.

Like Tony Cuesta and Eugenio Z. who left for Cuba to whack Castro.

Now, if we can get some REAL researchers to follow up on Richard Poyle who NO one's heard of until recently, and his business in Mexico impersonating Oswald, and I'll say that again, but, do I really have too? Phillip Sassoon, who was connected to the Rothchildhilds, and twelve others who was involved. When some serious researcher has completed their talent in finding these real answers, I'll be more than happy to release everything else I know.

STOP spinning your wheels! Do you really want the truth? Or, are there no more fantastic, top notch researcher out there? And, stories such as these make you feel better because you're better off chasing ghosts?

Put me to the test, put these names I've given you to a test, if you haven't found what you're looking for in less than one week than I would say you're waisting your time, but... if you do a FOIA request on these names, search through the HSCA files, and you find what you're looking for, than I'm sure you'll be reaching out to me.