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Creating the Oswald Legend --part 2 - Jim DiEugenio - 03-10-2018

This is Vailios Vanakas' long awaited Part 2 on the topic.

Hopefully we will not have to wait that long for Part 3. God, what Philip Melanson started.

Creating the Oswald Legend --part 2 - Alan Ford - 16-10-2018

Thanks for sharing this gem, Mr. DiEugenio, what an in depth, interesting and intriguing read. Appreciate the author's keen insights and his credit-references to the exemplary research of Messrs Parker (Greg); Newman (John); Armstrong (John), etc., which further enhances Mr. Oswald being MUCH more than a loner.

After taking his oath of secrecy/allegiance to the respective intelligence gathering agencies in 1959, in his wildest dreams, err, nightmare the wrongly accused would have never imagined four years later that he was nothing more than an unsuspecting lamb being lured to slaughter during the Fall of 1963. By the time the shock of it all wore off, he joined ranks with President Kennedy and Officer Tippitt, completing the trifecta those truly responsible needed to weave their tale of deceit for five decades now.