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Deep Truth Journal: First Issue - Jim DiEugenio - 29-12-2018

S. T. Patrick's inaugural issue of Deep Truth Journal is now available.

You can purchase it here:

I strongly advise everyone to buy the 'zine because it features writers who are counter to the MSM and now writing for a national magazine: people like Jim Hougan, Doug Horne, Bill Davy, Joe Greene, Lisa Pease, and myself. This is a 'zine that features an article about Jim Garrison by Bill Davy. That has the famous photo of JFK getting the news of Lumumba's death on the cover, which demonstrates a lot about why he was killed.

Its pretty clear to me, as it was many years ago, that the so called liberal blogosphere was not going to fulfill the promise that it held at one time. If you recall after Jeb Bush stole the 2000 election for his brother, cyberspace began to explode and the circulation for The Nation tripled. Well, the cyberspace blogosphere ended up being dominated by Marcos Moulitsas, Arianna Huffington, and Jonathan Marshall. All who turned out to be not very much different than the MSM. Like the MSM they would not approach the taboo subjects like CIA drug running and the assassinations.

Deep Truth Journal will do so. Its pretty obvious that we need to create our own media. So do what you can to support it. This may be a real chance to put something out there like Ramparts.