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COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Lauren Johnson - 25-03-2020

To label the Corona virus a black op requires human agency. And to suggest that some human entity would unleash this virus on the world is seemingly unthinkable. But I suggest that we examine this phenomenon through the lens of deep politics.

Therefore, I suggest as a starting point that we accept that there are trans-national entities that wish to create a new world order through global terror -- and to make a lot of money in the meantime. Is it conceivable that deep state operators intentionally unleashed the virus in various places in the world. Or is the virus an accidental release from a biolab or whether it was from someone eating bat soup.

Maatja Benassi Patient One? - Lauren Johnson - 26-03-2020

The video claiming identifying NATO military attache Maatja Benassi as patient one in Wuhan was taken down by YouTube.  She traveled under diplomatic immunity and was part of an international delegation.

More on Benassi - Lauren Johnson - 26-03-2020

Chinese netizens and experts urge the US authority to release health and infection information of the US military delegation which came to Wuhan for the Military World Games in October to end the conjecture about US military personnel bringing COVID-19 to China. 

An American journalist claimed one US military athlete in the delegation could be patient zero of the deadly new disease.  

George Webb, an investigative journalist in Washington, DC claimed in recent videos and tweets that he believes Maatje Benassi, an armed diplomatic driver and cyclist who was in Wuhan in October for the cycling competition in the Military World Games, could be patient zero of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

In a report by the US Department of Defense official website on October 25, Maatje Benassi has participated 50-mile cycling road race in Wuhan.

Webb also quoted a military lab, the Fort Detrick laboratory that handles high-level disease-causing organisms such as Ebola, in Fredrick, Maryland, which was shut down and moved in July due to unqualified facilities and management system.

His conclusions, although without strong evidence, triggered questions on Chinese social media as it came only days after a petition was submitted to the White House website on March 10 listing some coincidences in time between the Fort Detrick lab's closure and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many Chinese netizens have urged the US to test Benassi for COVID-19 and release information on the US delegation.  

Li Haidong, a professor of US studies at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, told the Global Times on Tuesday that the US government needs to respond to the controversy and publish the relevant information regarding their health status and infection record to clear public doubts and help with the scientific study on the virus' origin.

US politicians have been contending the novel coronavirus is "Made in China," while global scientists, including those in the US, have not found strong evidence to prove the virus' origin. 

Given this situation, it is important to trace any suspicious points, the US delegation to the Wuhan games in this scenario, and find out what really happened, Li said. 

COVID-19, a deadly disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has infected more than 330,000 people around the world and killed more than 14,000. 

Identifying the origin will help develop effective therapy on the disease. The US should provide information of the delegation members to support related research, Li said.   

Earlier in March, Zhao Lijian, an outspoken Chinese diplomat, raised a suspicion on his personal Twitter account that it might have been the US army representatives to the Military World Games who brought the novel coronavirus to Wuhan in October 2019, after a top US health official admitted detecting coronavirus infections on some deceased flu patients.  Zhao urged the US to disclose further information, exercise transparency on coronavirus cases and provide an explanation to the public.


RE: COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Lauren Johnson - 26-03-2020

We'll see how long this one lasts.

RE: COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Peter Lemkin - 27-03-2020

I'm not convinced anyone 'planned' or 'created' this pandemic. It is possible, but I do not see the evidence yet. As a trained Environmental Scientist and also having a Masters in Epidemiology, at this point [subject to new evidence], I think it is humankind's attempts to fuck around with Mother Nature [overpopulation, monoculture, cutting down and destruction of natural habitat and ecosystems, etc.] that caused this and the other recent virus outbreaks.

What I'm more worried about NOW [as no matter who or what, if anyone or anything 'created this'] is HOW to deal with it - and worries of how people in power who only want more [or complete/totalitarian/absolute] power can easily manipulate this crisis toward that end....and many surely will. I fear the control obtained after 911 will look like child's play after the control obtained after this.......

May I suggest in that vein the following:


RE: COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Peter Lemkin - 27-03-2020

this is the video I meant to post

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George Webb making MSM news - Lauren Johnson - 27-03-2020

This virus is truly nasty.  It is far more serious  than the flu.  Survivors can be left with damaged lungs for the rest of their lives.

(27-03-2020, 06:34 PM)Peter Lemkin Wrote: this is the video I meant to post

This is a really good video.

RE: COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Peter Lemkin - 27-03-2020

I'll go into more detail later or on the Covid-19 thread I started, but the biggest reason I find it hard to believe this was a black op is that it will hurt the persons/group/clan/class/nation/organization/whatever... that built and deployed it [and their friends, family and fellow persons/group/clan/class/nation/organization/whatever.. as it will who they felt it should be deployed against. Unless one envisions some group wishing to destroy a large % of humankind.....but there are agents that would destroy nearly every human and this one will [exact % not yet knowable] kill only about 2-3% of the population. As anyone who knows me knows there are many black ops I am sure are real deep political ops [but are given various disguises by governments, society, the media, most persons]. I'm open to look at this one, but if it is a black op it is a very stupid one that harms the perpetrator and their pals as much as any 'enemy' and is not lethal enough - a much more lethal kind of  virus or other biological agent is as easy to build as one that only kills about 2-3%. I also don't see the evidence yet - nor the logic for such a badly built operation of death - neither specific nor totally lethal.

RE: COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Lauren Johnson - 28-03-2020

The coronavirus story has generated a number of major subplots. 

First is the origin of the virus. Did it occur naturally or was it created in a Chinese, American or Israeli weapons lab? If bioengineered, did it somehow escape or was it deliberately released? As the governments that might have been involved in the process have become very tight lipped and the mainstream media is reluctant to embrace conspiracy theories, we the public may never know the answer.

Second is the nature of the virus itself. There are inevitably skeptics who choose to compare the affliction to a common head cold or normal winter flu and are able to cherry pick so-called experts to support their case. Many Americans are unwilling to submit to a lockdown or isolation and are flaunting their willingness to go out in public and mix freely while others are claiming that the whole thing is a hoax designed to create a panic that will benefit certain constituencies. There are press reports of teenagers going to supermarkets and faking a sneeze or a cough in the produce section to show their indifference to the infection avoidance guidelines now being promoted by the media and government. Some critics have also commented regarding the deaths of hundreds of Italians daily, suggesting that in Italy’s health care system old people were deliberately being allowed to die.
The fact is that when critically ill people die in hospitals it is sometimes attributable to triage. Triage arises when there are only limited resources to treat the sick, as in the case recently in the Italian Lombard city of Bergamo where hospitals were overwhelmed. Doctors must make the decision to treat those who are ill who are likely to survive as a first priority, meaning that others will only receive limited treatment. Italy has roughly the same number of hospital beds as does the United States per capita and it has more ventilators capable of being used to treat the advanced stages of the virus. It also is receiving assistance from both China and Russia on testing supplies and additional ventilators and masks. Italy has conducted far more coronavirus tests than has the U.S. The northern Italian medical services system was up to European standards, better than what prevails in the U.S., but it has been broken by the virus. Spain is heading the same way and there are similar concerns about France.
In spite of all the ideologically driven background clutter, genuinely knowledgeable medical authorities come down overwhelmingly promoting the view that the virus is highly contagious and capable of spreading rapidly, making it a pandemic, and it can be exceptionally lethal to certain demographics, including the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. The way of combatting it also appears to be agreed upon by most genuine experts i.e. that testing must be widespread to determine who is infected and those individuals should be isolated from contact with others for at least two weeks to limit the spread of the contagion. For those whose conditions worsen, hospitalization and treatment for possible respiratory failure are warranted.
The third big issue is the apparently deliberate failure of the Trump Administration to respond proactively to limit the spread of the virus. Seeking to protect the stock market more than the American public, President Donald Trump initially downplayed the impact of the virus, even calling it a “hoax” during January and February when it first appeared on U.S. soil. It turned out that several institutes affiliated to the Center for Disease Control to deal with epidemics had been dismantled by the Administration and, in spite of the warning provided by what was occurring in Wuhan, the U.S. made no effort to increase its supply of testing kits, masks or ventilators. Meanwhile, congressmen were receiving dire warnings of what was coming from the intelligence community in private briefings, leading to a number of senators selling their stock in anticipation of a market collapse. That is something called insider trading and it is illegal. It is also a measure of the corruption of America’s ruling class.
The fourth major subplot relates to what will come out of the pandemic once it is over, if it is indeed defeated at all. Critics rightly observe that the government response both at federal and state levels might well be a major overreaction to a health crisis that could possibly be dealt with using a lighter hand. Donald Trump has now called himself a “wartime president,” a particularly odd conceit in that America’s chief executive officer dodged the Vietnam war draft.  Trump is now providing daily rambling briefings emphasizing that his administration deserves a “10 out or 10” for its yeoman’s work against coronavirus. The real story is that the president personally inhibited initial efforts to respond to the disease and he is now attempting to regain lost ground by supporting draconian measures to include cash payments to all American residents, even to people who do not need the money. The money itself will have to be borrowed or printed, putting the United States even deeper in debt.
Based on his wartime status, the president and his cabinet are poised to exploit Civil War and Korean War legislation to assume powers over the economy and will likely arrange bailouts of some industries that will then acquire the government as a partner. The now declared “national emergency” will undoubtedly come to include some forms of martial law to enforce the isolation of targeted populations and it is also being reported that the Justice Department has asked Congress to allow judges to detain people indefinitely without trial during the “emergency.” As we have learned from the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and the Authorization to Use Military Force, allegedly temporary powers acquired by the executive branch have frequently become permanent. Unrestrained power in the hands of a Trump or Biden should frighten anyone who is still interested in voting in November.
There is some speculation that Trump might well follow the example being set by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Israel has banned foreign visitors, is under 24 hours curfew and is effectively in lockdown. It is using cell phone intercepts provided by the intelligence services to track the comings and goings of Israeli residents. The monitoring is being justified as a mechanism to create a record of who is meeting whom and where to support isolation and lockdown efforts. A similar program is already active in the suburbs around Washington. The National Security Agency (NSA) already has the technical ability in place that would permit monitoring of the movements of much of the U.S. population. It would be an intelligence community dream and would fit quite nicely with Congress’s recent efforts to re-authorization certain Patriot Act aspects of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
Fifth and finally, there is the politicization aspect of coronavirus. The virus is being “blamed” on China, a global competitor of the United States. As is often the case, Trump has gotten the ball rolling through his usual verbal toxicity, calling the virus the Chinese Virus or Wuhan Virus. Other Republicans have picked up on the theme, leading to the inevitably Democratic progressive wing complaints that such language was “racist.” The fact it, there is no evidence whatsoever that China in any deliberate way either created or unleashed the virus.
And, of course, there is Russia. It would almost seem an old joke that is no longer amusing to blame something new and menacing on Moscow and congress has so far largely refrained from doing so. But that does not mean that the Deep State establishment is holding the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin blameless. The U.S. intelligence community, through its preferred propaganda sheet the New York Times, is now reporting that Russia is taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis to spread disinformation through Europe and also in the U.S. In particular, Putin has escalated a campaign-by-innuendo to reduce confidence in the outcome of the upcoming 2020 presidential election. In any event, the Russians are too late as the Democratic and Republican parties’ behavior has already convinced many Americans that voting in November will be a waste of time.


RE: COVID-19 AS A BLACK OP - Peter Lemkin - 29-03-2020

I find it somewhat pointless at this time to speculate on the current virus epidemic having been a black operation, as I have yet to see any evidence that it was. Is it now possible to genetically manipulate a virus? - answer: yes. But if it was [and a recently published paper says best anyone can tell in the field of genetic manipulation, there is no evidence of the genone having been manipulated], it is an own goal bioweapon. So, one can use the fall back that it escaped from a lab, but again we don't yet have any evidence. Are there cretins who work in bioweapons who would think to create such as thing? again - yes; but I think they'd make one that would target a population and leave themselves immune - and not kill 2% [approx.] of everyone almost equally [and older persons and those with pre-existing conditions most susceptible]. So, possible and doable - but no evidence yet; and I see no point in debating something that is possible, but seems illogical and has no evidence yet. 911 and Dallas, to name but two, have LOTS of clear EVIDENCE of being black ops and having had a clear objective for doing so. If this was done on purpose, it was a suicide mission to destroy hundreds of millions, when there are bioweapons that could kill nearly everyone or even everyone.