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Dorothy Murret - John Kowalski - 09-08-2020

Does anyone know if any research has been done on Dorothy Murret's alleged intelligence links.

RE: Dorothy Murret - Ray Kovach - 09-09-2020

Outside of her Warren Commission testimony (which is available) and her HSCA testimony (which I have never seen referenced anywhere and have been unable to find) this woman seems to be a ghost. That being said, someone going by that name and of approx. the right age still seems to be alive in Louisiana. My guess would be that any researcher attempting to investigate this person's background and affiliations ran into a stone wall except for the bare bones facts of her family lineage. I have never found any evidence that this woman spoke for the record except for WC & HSCA. No interviews with any journalists or researchers about any subject, which is rather curious considering her documented travels. So I assume any attempt to look into anything about this woman's intelligence connections would have been a dead end.

It would be interesting to learn more about several people in her extended family besides just her.