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Fox News Greta Van Susteren Connected to 80's Franklin Child Trafficking Scandal - George Williams - 05-12-2020

I want to connect some dots people might not know about. I'm sure people on this forum know about the whole Laura Silsby case, where Silsby bizarrely got caught trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti after the horrific January 2010 earthquake that occured there, and apparently the Clintons intervened at a very high level to get the charges massively reduced. Silsby's lawyer at the time, Jorge Puello, was later arrested under suspicion for being the leader of a sex trafficking ring that trafficked children and women from all over Latin America. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Significantly, a research article in the Harvard Human Rights Journal by Professor Shani King, a Law School Professor at University of Florida Levin College of Law, sheds light on the criminality of Jorge Puello, Laura Silsby's attorney. King's article also sheds light on the Clinton's involvement in helping Silsby and her "missionary" co-conspirators get their charges for human abduction and criminal association, both criminal charges under Haitian law, either dismissed or greatly reduced. Shani King's article states in the first week of February 2010, a few weeks after Haiti's horrendous 2010 earthquake, Bill Clinton arrived in Haiti to begin co-ordinating relief efforts, but that one of his first tasks "..was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens." I think it is very worth it to quote at length from King's article about the legal and ethical shadiness of both Laura Silsby's own personal background, and of her supposed "child rescue" operation in Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

''On January 29, 2010, less than three weeks after the earthquake, Haitian authorities arrested ten U.S. Baptist missionaries for attempting to take 33 children by bus across the border into the Dominican Republic without proper documentation. A week later, the missionaries were charged with child kidnapping and criminal association. While the missionaries claimed good intentions and ignorance of Haitian laws, Haitian prosecutors argued that there had been intentional wrongdoing. In the course of a month, President Clinton brokered the release of all the missionaries, except for the group leader, Laura Silsby.

While Laura Silsby awaited trial, the press brought to light several facts that raised serious suspicions about her intent to traffic or smuggle the children as part of a grey adoption scheme. In 2009, Silsby visited Haiti with the stated intent to establish an orphanage. At the time, Silsby faced numerous court cases in the U.S. for bad debt and unpaid wages. In November 2009, she registered her New Life Children’s Refuge charity at an address in Boise, Idaho, and a month later the house was repossessed for lack of payment.
In the midst of her personal debt crisis, the January earthquake struck Haiti, and Silsby organized a mission to “gather 100 orphans from the streets” of Haiti and take them to a shelter in the Dominican Republic. The children would be housed in a leased hotel because Silsby’s purported charity did not yet manage an orphanage or own any property in the Dominican Republic. U.S. authorities later stated that New Life Children’s Refuge was not listed as a U.S. nonprofit or as a U.S. international adoption agency.
In March, after her arrest, evidence was introduced in Silsby’s case showing that on January 26, 2010, she had previously attempted to take a different group of 40 children across the border. Haitian and Dominican authorities turned her away for lack of authorizing documents. Three days later she attempted to cross over with the second group—the 33 children— again without proper documentation.

After the earthquake, the Haitian government tried to crack down on unauthorized adoptions to avoid child trafficking. In addition, the Dominican consul in Haiti had personally warned Silsby that she lacked the necessary paperwork to take children out of the country and risked arrest.

On March 17, 2010, after careful verification of identities by the Social Welfare Ministry of Haiti, 32 out of the 33 children were returned to their families (the last one being returned shortly thereafter), thus confirming that none of the children were orphans.''

So Shani King's research clearly shows, amongst many other things, the extreme sketchiness and legal irresponsibility of Laura's Silsby's "religious" organization, the "New Life Children's Refugee." After all, Silsby literally registered her "church" at a house in Boise Idaho that was repossessed by the bank the next month! But as King goes on to document, things take a seriously darker turn, when you look at the association between Laura Silsby and her own attorney, Jorge Torres-Puello. As it turns out, Puello was an alleged human trafficker at the time of Haitian earthquake, and is now a convicted human trafficker! As King writes:

''Suspicions about Silsby’s intent to smuggle or traffic the children to the Dominican Republic further increased, when on March 19, 2010, Silsby’s legal advisor—Jorge Torres-Puello, an American-Dominican living in the Dominican Republic as a fugitive—was arrested and accused of human trafficking. U.S. authorities revealed that Torres-Puello was “linked to a network that trafficked in Haitian and Central American children and [was] wanted in the United States, El Salvador and Costa Rica.” His wife was already imprisoned in El Salvador and “faced charges of presumed sexual exploitation of minors and women.”

Despite Silsby’s stated intent to take the children over the border to an unauthorized orphanage and her connections to human traffickers such as Torres-Puello, the courts eventually dropped the kidnapping and criminal association charges against her. Silsby was instead convicted under the additional charge of organizing illegal travel, sentenced to time served (3 months and 8 days), and released on May 17, 2010. In the end, her sentence was based on the least polemic charge against her. The pressing issue—whether Silsby intended to deliver the children into trafficking rings or grey adoption markets—was not addressed or resolved.''

To wrap up some extremely important facts: after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Haitian authorities from Haiti's Social Welfare Ministry confirmed that none of the 33 children Silsby and her organization were transporting were in fact orphans. Additionally, Silsby's own attorney, Jorge Puello, was arrested in the Dominican Republic on March 19th, 2010 (after Silsby and her fellow "missionaries" were under arrest in Haiti). According to this Reuters article re-printed in one of Wikileak's document releases from the Stratfor Security Firm, ''[Jorge Puello] was arrested in the Dominican Republic's capital on a warrant issued by Interpol, the international police organization. U.S. and Dominican Republic authorities had been looking for Puello after El Salvador officials said they suspected him of being involved in running a human trafficking ring that recruited Central American and Caribbean women and girls and forced them to work as prostitutes." And despite all of this, Bill Clinton still got himself directly involved in the Silsby case, by himself "brokering" the release of all the arrested Haitian missionaries except Silsby, who herself only served a minimal sentence and was herself never charged with more serious "kidnapping and criminal association" charges.

Additional evidence that the Clinton's took the handling of the Laura Silsby case very seriously, is provided by Wikileaks. In Wikileaks release of Hillary's emails while she was Secretary of State, one of the released emails is a February 9th 2010 email from Harold Hongju Koh, then Legal Adviser to the State Dept, and former Dean of Yale Law School. The email is from Koh directly to Hillary Clinton, and is cc'ed to Cheryl Mills, Hillary's Chief of Staff at the State Dept., Hillary's Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan, and to PJ Crowley, then Assistant Secretary of State under Hillary. The email is nearly 3 pages and is nearly completely redacted, but from the beginning of the email we can tell that Legal advisor Koh must be giving Hillary, and her top staffers at the State Dept, legal "options" for the US Goverment's dealing with Laura Silsby and the other American citizen "missionaries" who were detained along with her in Haiti. Presumably, considering that all these American citizens except for Silsby, were swiftly released soon after Bill Clinton's documented "involvement" in the Silsby case in Haiti, is it safe to assume that Koh's email to Hillary, must be going into some detail about the different legal options for getting Silsby and her fellow "missionaries" released?

As it turns out, the Clintons were not the only ones who turn up having a very strange "involvement" with the Laura Sisby/Jorge Puello trafficking case in Haiti. Longtime cable news star Greta Van Susteren actually did a Fox News TV interview with none other than Laura Silsby's personal attorney Jorge Puello himself, right during the middle of this whole controversy!

On February 2nd, 2010, Fox New's Greta Van Susteren did a "soft-ball" type interview with Jorge Puello about the Silsby case. Link to interview. Bizarrely, the interview occurred only a little over a month before Puello himself was arrested in the Dominican Republic on child sex trafficking charges on March 19th, 2010. In the very brief and strange interview, Van Susteren just asked very basic questions to Puello about how Silsby found the children, and what she intended to do with them after leaving Haiti. Jorge Puello said the children came from an orphanage that collapsed in the earthquake, and Silsby was trying to take the children "to a temporary facility so they could be taken care of," providing no further details, and Van Susteren asked no follow-up. Van Susteren did not address any of the reports that at least some of the children actually were not orphans, and had families in Haiti. Jorge's final statement in the interview was "There was no intention to do anything illegal." Van Susteren than replied "Jorge, thank you, and keep us informed.", and the interview abruptly ended.

Only 9 days after Van Susteran's interview with Puello, on February 11th, 2010, the New York Times reported that police in El Salvador were investigating Jorge Puello for leading a sex trafficking ring. The fact that Van Susteren did this weird little interview with Puello only days before news of his sex trafficking allegations got dropped in mainstream news, was a big red flag to me. Journalist and independent investigator Nick Bryant wrote a really important book based on his investigation of the "Franklin Cover-up" pedophile scandal in the '80s called the "Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal." (Here is a link to an article about the book on the Counterpunch site). For those who don't know about the Franklin Scandal, it was a huge scandal in the 80s involving major allegations that political and business powerbrokers in Washington DC and Omaha, Nebraska were systematically trafficking and abusing children, and using them in sexual blackmail operations to ensnare politicians and other powerful figures. Watch Discovery Channels' unaired documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" for more info.YouTube

Nick Bryant revealed in his investigation of the Franklin cover-up that Greta Van Susteren was the lawyer for Henry Vinson, who was a key figure in this whole scandal. Henry Vinson is a West Virginia-based businessman who in the early 1990s was tried and convicted for operating a male prostitution ring in Washington DC, that supplied adult-age gay male prostitutes to powerful DC political figures. Additionally, Nick Bryant and Henry Vinson co-wrote a 2015 book called "DC Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies & Blackmail," that goes into extensive detail about Henry Vinson's involvement with a DC sex trafficking ring. As Nick Bryant documented in his book “The Franklin Scandal,” and as thoroughly documented in Bryant & Vinson's "DC Madam" book, Henry Vinson, through the operation of his prostitution ring, became directly involved with two key alleged abuse perpetrators in the "Franklin Scandal": Larry King and Craig Spence. Again, as documented in Bryants' and Vinsons' books, Larry King (full name Lawrence E. King) and Craig Spence were extremely well-connected political powerbrokers, who were both accused by multiple underage children and teenagers of operating a major underage sex trafficking ring that supplied children to powerful figures in both the Omaha, NE and Washington DC areas, and used them in blackmailing operations. Lawrence E. King was, for a time in the 80s, a bank director in Omaha and extremely well-connected to the state and national Republican party. The bank King managed was the "Franklin Credit Union" in Omaha NE, hence the name of the scandal. Henry Vinson specifically describes Craig Spence as some kind of "CIA asset." As documented in Byrant and Vinson's research, Spence was for a time in the 80s a well-connected DC lobbyist, who owned a private mansion in Kalorama, a very upscale suburb of Washington, DC. Henry Vinson specifically alleges that as part of his pimping business, on many occasions he sent adult-age male prostitutes to what he describes as "orgies" at Spence's Kalorama mansion. Vinson also alleges that on at least some occasions, male prostitutes who worked for Vinson told him afterward that underage children were present at at least some of these alleged orgies at the Kalorama mansion. So there are allegations from both Vinson, and the adult age prostitutes working for him at the time, that trafficking and sexual abuse of underage minors occurred at the Kalorama mansion.

As documented in Henry Vinson's "DC Madam" book, and in "The Franklin Scandal," Vinson claims that his operation only supplied adult-age male prostitutes. However, Vinson further claims that as his prostitution ring grew, Craig Spence got in touch with Vinson, and started paying huge sums of money to Vinson for his adult-age prostitutes. Craig Spence allegedly used the adult prostitutes "supplied" by Vinson for his very own "network," that allegedly supplied prostitutes to some incredibly powerful names in politics, business, and the media in the 80s.

After Craig Spences's introduction to Henry Vinson, Vinson then claims that things took an unbelievably darker turn. Vinson claims that Craig Spence, acting in partnership with major Franklin Scandal abuser Lawrence E King, tried to convince Vinson to start pimping underage children as part of his operation. Vinson claims that on one particular occasion, Vinson went to Craig Spence's Kalorama mansion, where inside, he was introduced to Lawrence E King himself. Vinson then claims that Spence and King asked him to sit down with them, and had a conversation with him that started out seemingly innocuous, but then turned to the absolutely horrifying. In Vinson's own words:

''Spence struck me as extremely smart and also very manipulative. He was a morass of arrogance and extreme narcissism that I had never encountered before. He indeed believed that he resided at the center of the universe, and I was merely a pawn in his grandiose game of chess. Spence certainly didn’t impart a warm and fuzzy feeling during our initial meeting. In Shakespeare’s King Lear, Gloucester and Edgar have a dialogue, and Edgar declares that the “Prince of Darkness is a gentleman.” As I departed
Spence’s home that day, I felt like I had just met the Prince of Darkness.

Spence continued to phone me almost everyday, and about a month after our initial meeting he again summoned me to his home. I was met at the door by one his security personnel, who escorted me into the living room, which was beautifully furnished and decorated. The living room had a glossy, hardwood floor that was adorned with exquisite oriental rugs, and its walls were garnished with high-priced neo-classical paintings. His living room also had towering bookshelves. Spence and an African-American man in his forties were reclined on the living room’s chocolate colored sofa, and I was directed to a leather chair that was adjacent to the sofa. Spence was casually dressed in designer jeans and a pink Polo shirt, and, after I sat down, he introduced me to Larry King, his African-American friend. King was rather obese, and he wore a resplendent navy blue suit that I thought was either an Armani or Brioni. He had meticulously coifed straight black hair and a trim goatee. His large-framed designer glasses had tinted lenses that partially obscured his beady, darting eyes. A thick gold chain draped his neck, and he had a bulky gold ring that was encrusted by diamonds. King exuded a pomp and flashiness that even surpassed that of Spence. Spence gave me a chilly reception as King looked on with a sinister smile. Spence then started our meeting by excoriating me, because one of my escorts had belatedly arrived at his home.

I explained to him that I had taken a three-day vacation, and I wasn’t able to tend to the phone with my customary alacrity. Spence snapped that if he thought I needed a vacation, he would send me on a vacation. As Spence excoriated me, he was hunched over a china bowl on the living room’s large, circular crystal coffee table. The china bowl was brimming with cocaine, and he was dipping a gold coke spoon into it. Spence eventually offered me a toot of coke, but I declined. After Spence had taken two or three toots of coke, he started to chatter about his exalted status and clout—specks of cocaine littered his mustache. King also chimed in about his exalted status and clout too. I felt like Spence was putting on a show for King, but King wasn’t an individual who acquiesced to being out-boasted. They pumped themselves up like cartoonish parade balloons that were on the brink of bursting. Although I found their boasts to be almost comedic, I refrained from laughing. King then made a number of disclosures that I found to be absolutely bizarre. He revealed that he and Spence operated an interstate pedophile network that flew children from coast-to-coast. King also discussed that he and Spence had a clientele of powerful pedophiles who actually took pleasure in murdering children. In fact, King seemed to be obsessed with the subject of murdering children. I sincerely thought that I was talking to a pair of psychotics on the run from a psychiatric hospital. After Spence and King conversed about their rarified statuses and their extreme pedophilic perversities, Spence shifted gears and started to sincerely inquire about my life.

He asked where I was born and where I attended college. He then questioned me about the particulars of my escort service. In the context of our earlier discussion, Spence’s questions seemed like non-sequiturs to me. Though I answered Spence’s questions truthfully, I was uncertain about the motivation for his inquiries, because Spence struck me as an individual who generally had a self-centered, utilitarian reason for every action. I also found it nearly impossible to believe that Spence’s seismic narcissism made him constitutionally capable of taking a sincere interest in me. I thought that either he had a duplicitous reason for plying me with seemingly heartfelt questions or I was witnessing a miracle tantamount to the parting of the Red Sea. As Spence inquired about my life, King sipped his drink and was ominously silent, but an unnerving smile was etched on his face. When Spence finished quizzing me about my life, he stood up and gestured for me to accompany him. I stood up and followed him. King remained seated on the sofa. Spence walked toward a large mirror that was situated on living room wall, and opened a closet door that was in the corner of his living room. He popped open a secret panel that was embedded in the closet, and he stepped into a small room that was behind the mirror. I cautiously paused at the threshold of the closet, but Spence waved his right hand, signifying that I should follow him into the surreptitious room.''

''The mirror on the living room wall was, in fact, a two-way mirror, and the room had a video camera on a tripod that was pointed toward the living room and also a wall of video monitors. Spence leaned over one of the video monitors, and, after tapping a few of its buttons, he replayed the concluding minutes of our conversation. At that moment, I felt shrink-wrapped by cellophane, and I found it difficult to breath. As I silently stared at the monitor, Spence casually smiled and explained to me that his entire home was bugged for clandestine surveillance, and “CIA operatives” had installed the concealed video cameras throughout his house. He couldn’t help himself from crowing that his surveillance equipment was state-of-the-art, and the camera that captured our conversations was embedded in the living room’s thermostat. Spence then divulged that he blackmailed the rich and powerful. I remained stunned and speechless as I watched myself discussing my life and escort service on the video monitor, but, after a few minutes, I started to swell with anger. However, I didn’t express my anger to Spence, because, at that moment, I was undeniably frightened of him, and I’m also not a confrontational person. Once Spence had flaunted his blackmail equipment, he dispensed a grave threat about the “consequences” if I uttered nary a word relating to his concealed cameras. He then dismissed me. I walked out of his house in a state of shock. My mouth was parched, and an adrenal chill coursed through my body. A montage of the video footage of me discussing my life relentlessly overwhelmed my thoughts as I drove home that night. I was utterly dumbfounded by King’s disclosures too. I have to confess that I was in a state of denial about King’s revelations, because they were so bizarre. I found it hard to believe that people could be such unequivocal monsters. But Spence had videotaped me discussing the particulars of my life and my escort service, so I was now susceptible to blackmail. I no longer viewed Spence as a mere client—I felt he controlled me. Indeed, he started to tell the escorts I sent to his home that I worked for him. The escort service had started out as a carefree venture that was enjoyable and exciting, but Spence had imbued it with a sinister gravitas."

-from Vinson, Henry W.. Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail . Trine Day.

Vinson says in his book that despite the horrors "bestowed" upon him by Spence and King, he absolutely refused to have anything to do with King and Spence's alleged child trafficking (and as absolutely horrific to even say, their alleged extreme abuse and child murder network). He claims that after this encounter he did everything he could to free himself from the grasp of Spence's network. I kinda gotta imagine that witnessing two men discussing the trafficking and murder of children while doing a bunch of coke, tends to have that kind of effect on a person.

However, Vinson claims that a number of weeks after this encounter with Spence and King at the Kalorama mansion, Craig again demanded that Vinson visit his mansion, and again Larry King was allegedly present at the mansion. Vinson claims that Spence and King then took things to even more horrifying level. Vinson claims that Spence and King started aggressively demanding that Vinson himself start abducting underage children and start supplying them to their child sex trafficking network. As Vinson states:

''One night he summoned me to his home, where I found him and Larry King sitting on the sofa. I was essentially blackmailed during my first meeting with Spence and King, and I found my subsequent meetings with the tandem quite unpleasant, because they attempted to coerce me into ensnaring children for them. King had previously mentioned that he flew children into D.C., and the escorts I employed confirmed that minors were in attendance at Spence’s orgies. Despite my earlier state of denial, I had come to the horrifying conclusion that Spence and King operated an interstate pedophile network for their powerbroker cronies. But I absolutely refused to aid and abet their abuse of children, children, despite Spence’s potential to blackmail me or perhaps even kill me. As we sat in Spence’s living room, Spence and King once more broached the subject of me procuring children for them, but they started becoming extremely aggressive. Although I emphatically told them that I wouldn’t pander children, their demands escalated to an inexorable crescendo: Spence and King finally demanded that I pluck destitute children off the streets of D.C. and deliver the children to them. After I realized that they weren’t willing to cease and desist about the issue, I excused myself and walked out of Spence’s home.''

As Vinson documents in his "DC Madam" book, once Vinson's refusal to become involved in trafficking children became known to Spence, King, and presumably the extremely powerful men pulling the strings behind them, the full wrath of the state was essentially brought down upon him. Vinson says that this was an attempt to try to intimidate and silence him about what he knew about elite DC sex trafficking. He claims that Spence sent men who were CIA operatives over to his house, where they broke windows, busted up his house, and intimidated Vinson further. Vinson claims that when this intimidation didn't work, Craig Spence allegedly invited him to another private meeting, at which (according to Vinson's allegations), both Craig Spence and an un-named member of George HW Bush's Cabinet were both present. Vinson further claims that this Bush Sr. Cabinet member verbally intimidated him, telling him, "I can withstand a background check. Can you?" Soon after this in 1990, Henry Vinson's prostitution ring got raided, and he was indicted by a grand jury on 43 charges, including pimping, racketeering and credit card fraud, all related to his prostitution ring.

Henry Vinson, along with Nick Bryant, document in their "DC Madam" book that once Henry Vinson was under federal indictment for allegedly operating a DC-based male prostitution ring, coincidently (or not??), Vinson claims that a Washington Post reporter recommended that he hire attorney Greta Van Susteren to represent him in the federal government's case against him.

Once Greta Van Susteren mysteriously got set up as Henry Vinson's lawyer, she then steered him into accepting a plea agreement where Vinson got only 63 months in prison (he was initially facing nearly 300 years for all his charges). Vinson said Van Susteren allowed federal investigators to grill Vinson for hours on end about his pimping activities, and that Van Susteren, while representing Vinson as his attorney, was herself not even present when Henry Vinson was questioned by these federal investigators. Considering that Van Susteren was Henry Vinson’s attorney throughout his indictment and trial, the fact that Van Susteren allowed this to happen to her client, is very strange to say the very least. Vinson said federal prosecutors in his case "explicitly told [him] not to talk to the media for that minimal sentence."

As documented most thoroughly in the book ''DC Madam'', co-written by Nick Bryant and Henry Vinson, Henry Vinson believes strongly that during the course of the trial, Van Susteren essentially helped “steer him in a direction,” so to speak, where he would agree to a relatively minimal sentence in exchange for keeping his mouth shut about the names of the elite DC politicians and power brokers who were all allegedly involved with his prostitution network, and who were allegedly connected with Craig Spence's trafficking network. Vinson also brings up the possibility that Van Susteren, as well as the US Attorney who prosecuted him, maybe have both personally benefited through a subsequent, remarkable "upward mobility" in their own personal careers, after both defending, and prosecuting Vinson, during his DC prostitution ring case. Again, remember that the end result of Vinson's case, was (in his own words), he agreed to not talk to the press about the details of his case, in exchange for the Prosecutor giving him a minimal sentence. In Vinson's words:

"At the outset of my case, my attorney, Greta Van Susteren, seemed very committed to a vigorous defense on my behalf [...] she filed an eleven-page motion to mandate the release of my clientele list [i.e. list of clients of Vinson's prostitution operation] that the government had previously seized from me. Ms. Van Susteren argued that the names of my patrons should be released, because, if the government’s assertion was accurate and my “escort” service was, in actuality, a prostitution ring, my clients aided and abetted a criminal enterprise. But the Assistant U.S. Attorney for D.C. vehemently contested Ms. Van Susteren’s motion with a remarkably disingenuous argument: He contended that the names of my patrons shouldn’t be made public, because the U.S. Attorney’s office feared the “intimidation of government witnesses due to the embarrassing nature of the case.” My trial judge sided with the prosecution and barred the public disclosure of my clientele. After my trial judge acquiesced to the U.S. Attorney’s office, Ms. Van Susteren started to change her tune, and she urged me to take the government’s plea bargain. By then, my family and I had been subjected to a relentless campaign of terror, and I faced life in prison—I felt as if the feds were wielding the Sword of Damocles over my head. At Ms. Van Susteren’s behest, I accepted the government’s plea bargain, and I was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison. The feds also included a caveat that wasn’t overtly stated in my plea agreement: My 5-year sentence was based on the contingency that I not divulge a word about the particulars of my case to the media. Although I’m uncertain whether or not it’s a mere coincidence, I should point out that the individuals who were instrumental in the cover up of my case experienced significant upward mobility: Ms. Van Susteren now has her very own television show on FOX, and the U.S. Attorney for the District of D.C., who imprisoned me and ensured my silence, is now a Vice President of the Raytheon Corporation, one of the world’s largest defense contactors. After I was gagged and banished to a federal prison, I’ve been told that the government sealed, in perpetuity, a myraid of documents in my case. I’m aware of at least three individuals who have attempted to unseal my documentation, but the government has successfully rebuffed each of them.''

To make matters even stranger, Henry Vinson's federal indictment happened in 1990. According to Van Susteren's IMDb page, right after her wonderful (cough, cough) work on Henry Vinson's case in 1990, in 1991 she got hired as a legal analyst on CNN, thus beginning Van Susteren's very high-profile career as a TV show host and commentator that continues to this day (Link to Greta's IMBd bio.) Did Greta Van Susteren "make her bones" to use the mafia lingo, on the Henry Vinson case? Was this some kind of "deal with the devil" Van Susteren made that massively advanced her career? Its speculative, but Van Susteren's active involvement in covering up DC sex trafficking in the 80s and early 90s definitely deserves much more serious research and scrutiny. And the fact that Van Susteren jumps out of the woodwork again in 2010 to do a soft-ball interview with now-convicted sex trafficker Jorge Puello, and "lawyer" for allegedly-Clinton-connected Laura Silsby, makes everything a million times stranger. Was Van Susteren running cover for the pedophiles... again? 

Here is some more important information about Van Susteren: as journalist Nick Bryant in his "Franklin Scandal" book documents, Greta Van Susteren's family background has some extremely strange coincidences. Van Susteren's father was a Wisconsin judge who worked as a campaign manager for Joe McCarthy in the 50s. McCarthy was the infamous Wisconsin Senator in the 50s who waged a vicious witch hunt against accused "communists and homosexuals" in the US government, destroying many careers based on false charges. Joe McCarthy was the best man at Van Susteren's Mom's and Dad's wedding. The chief legal counsel for Joe McCarthy in his crusade against communists and homosexuals was none other than ROY COHN. [b]As Nick Bryant also documents, Roy Cohn, who later became an extremely well-connected NYC lawyer and political powerbroker, also just so happened to be a good friend of CRAIG SPENCE.[/b] One other point of documentation: author David McGowan in his really important book "Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder" also links Craig Spence to Roy Cohn, stating that Spence at one point actually held a "birthday bash" for his friend Roy Cohn.

I think Roy Cohn definitely deserves his own investigation on Voat, but to briefly state one really important observation, Roy Cohn is himself accused of running a pedophile blackmail operation in NYC similar the one Craig Spence and Larry King were allegedly running in DC and Omaha, NE, as disclosed in the Franklin Cover-up allegations. Historian Burton Hersh wrote the book "Bobby and J. Edgar: The Historic Face-off between the Kennedys and J. Edgar Hoover that Transformed America" NY Times book review. In the book about the long, complicated history between FBI Director Hoover and the Kennedy's spanning decades, Burton Hersh dropped this bombshell revelation about Roy Cohn's pedophile operations:

" [...] New York attorney John Klotz began to investigate Roy Cohn on behalf of a client. Declassified New York government files and spadework by a private detective substantiated the allegation that there was indeed [b]a "blue suite" at [NYC Plaza Hotel], Suite 233. "Roy Cohn was providing protection," Klotz discovered. "There were a bunch of pedophiles involved. Thats where Cohn got his power from- blackmail."[/b]

Given the above, its entirely possibly that Roy Cohn, Craig Spence, and (possibly) Larry King were all working together in the same pedophile blackmail operation, ensnaring all kinds of powerful people in their web. [b]Not to egregiously piss off all the Trump people out there, but there is no shortage of articles indicating that Roy Cohn was a very important mentor to, friend to, and lawyer and political "fixer" for Donald Trump over many years. Not trying to step on anyone's toes, just reporting back all the info thats out there.[/b]

Getting back to Van Susteren, so to recap: so in the early 90s when a major child sex trafficking scandal threatens to blow the lid off many powerful DC figures, including Craig Spence, the lawyer who rushes in to do damage control just so happens to be the daughter of a judge who himself was closely connected to DC power broker Joe McCarthy, who himself was very close to Roy Cohn, and Cohn himself is directly connected to... Craig Spence?? This whole web of circular connections seems sinister to say the least...

[b]In 2010, Greta Van Susteren gave her name to the "Greta Home and Academy" orphanage located in Leogane, Haiti[/b]  Link to Orphanage website Leogane is a community southwest of Port au Prince on Haiti's southwest peninsula. Leogane was hit especially hard in the 2010 earthquake, and Van Susteren's orphanage was built soon after the quake. Apparently Van Susteren raised a lot of money for the Haiti cholera epidemic, and maybe for the orphanage?? The Greta Home and Academy is part of the larger "Samaritan's Purse" Christian charitable organization. [b]The President and CEO of Samaritan's Purse is Franklin Graham, the son of none other than Christian Crusader BILLY GRAHAM[/b] Franklin Graham's page on Samaritan's Purse

To be 100% clear: I have absolutely NO knowledge of any allegations of human trafficking having to do with any part of the very large "Samaritan's Purse," Evangelical organization. To make any unfounded allegations against "Samaritan's Purse" as an organization, would be completely wrong for me on my part. However, I have done some investigating specifically into Greta Van Susteren's orphanage in Leogane, Haiti, and came across one potentially important lead. Author and researcher Stephen Lendman wrote a really important article on child trafficking in Haiti, called "Child Slavery in Haiti" link to article[b]In the article, Lendman talks about Haiti's horrible "restavek system," a century-old system where poor children from mostly rural families, known as restaveks, are sent by their impoverished families to work as servants for wealthy Haitian families in the bigger cities. These restavek child trafficking victims, some as young as 3, horrifically in some cases fall victim to physical and sexual abuse, and are kidnapped into child sex trafficking rings.[/b]

Lendman talks extensively about the Laura Silsby trafficking case in Haiti, and discusses how the director of the SOS Children's Village in Port-au-Prince said that many of the children Silsby was trafficking came from families and were not in fact orphans, despite Silsby's claims. He described how child trafficking increased massively across the board in Haiti after the 2010 quake. In regards to the "restavek" child trafficking system, Lendman cites a report from the Pan American Development Foundation about the restavek system and child trafficking. [b]A really important finding in the report from the Pan American Development Foundation, is that most of the restavek child trafficking victims who are trafficked to wealthy families in Port-au-Prince, specifically come from poor families living in "... the southern peninsula communities of Les Cayes, Jacmel, Jeremie, and Leogane" (location of Greta's orphanage).[/b]

[b]So we have confirmation that the location of Van Susteren's orphanage, Leogane, Haiti, is a source location for child victims of Haitian human trafficking groups.[/b] Again, f[b]or the sake of objectivity, I have no knowledge of any specific allegations of anything at all to do with human trafficking involving Van Susteren's orphanage, or with the Samaritan's Purse organization.[/b] However, Van Susteren herself has an undeniably extremely suspect personal past history when it comes to helping cover-up very serious allegations of prostitution and even possible child trafficking, given her past work as Henry Vinson's lawyer documented here in this piece, and in depth in Vinson and Nick Bryant's "DC Madam" book. In addition, there is the fact that Van Susteren's orphanage is operating in a city in Haiti that the Pan American Development Foundation specifically describes as being a significant source location of many child victims of the long-running "restavek" child trafficking operation in Haiti. Given all these connections, I really think it would be worth it to look further into Greta's orphanage in Leogane, and the broader Samaritan's Purse organization. Here are some potential avenues to dig down:

1.) Here is a listing of Samaritan's Purse Board of Directors and Key Employees Link here Do any of these people have connection's to the Laura Silsby/ Jorge Puello trafficking op? Do they show up at all in Podesta emails?

2.) Does the Greta Academy in Leogane itself show up, tangentially or otherwise, in connections to Silsby and her cohorts, or to any Podesta emails or related leads?
Hope this can potentially shed some light on this sordid mess, good digging.