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+--- Thread: is now (/thread-16269.html) is now - Gil Jesus - 11-10-2021

I've started a new website on the JFK Assassination. It's the same old topic of Oswald's innocence, but I couldn't get my web address back so I got it as close as possible.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY Guilty ?
An Examination of the Evidence in the Case Against Oswald

When I gave up the last website, I lost all of the info I had on it. It's a work-in-progress so please be patient as I try to rewrite my arguments against the lies that were the Warren Commission's conclusions.

My Youtube video channel is still up and I plan to copy those videos onto my website at some point.

Thank You

RE: is now - Milo Reech - 13-10-2021

A quick tour (for now) of your web site and you have a winner. It will take some time to digest the links. Many are unfamiliar.

My focus is Tippit's murder, aiming to extract the facts from the mass of disinformation heaped up over Tippit's corpse, with no end in sight.

Result so far is indifferent at best. It's a tough nut to crack.

RE: is now - Milo Reech - 21-10-2021

Relative to "Oswald's Escape," despite the sloppiness of the evidence concocted by DPD in support of LHO boarding the Marsalis bus, the possibility remains that he actually did so. LHO's initial intention was to meet a contact at the library, located on this bus's route at Marsalis' intersection with Jefferson Blvd, with Beckley a few blocks distant to the west.

Decker's men were obsessed with the library. Much of this is described in the Oak Cliff Branch Library thread.

LHO, when arrested at the Texas Theater, had halves of two different dollar bills in his possession (, suggesting there were two potential places of rendezvous with contacts, one at the library (plan A) and the other at TT (plan B).

When LHO aborted plan A (possibly impatient because of the traffic jam and otherwise suspicious) the scene shifted to the TT location of plan B, and a scramble was on. Tippit (possibly impatient because the Marsalis bus did not arrive at 12:46 as scheduled, CE378 ) left GLOCO to obtain revised instructions that resulted in his death, and the LHO observed by ambulance attendant Kinsley crossing Jefferson was transported to the vicinity of the TT whereto he led Brewer.

The timings have to be worked out. Complicated, but nothing about this is easy.