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JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events - ThomasPickering - 18-04-2022

I am a long time JFK Assassination researcher who has spent a great deal of time and effort examining the Zapruder film to understand what is shown on it.  The following link is my own observations about the assassination. If you have comments or questions regarding this, please make them on that Blog post, not in this thread. Thank you.

JFK Assassination:  Sequence of Events

RE: JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events - Lauren Johnson - 20-04-2022

I never heard a "Jackie The-Jew-Mossad-Agent Did It" version before. This deserves an immediate deletion. HOWEVER, it is so patently absurd I am inclined to leave it up for its creative insanity. Peter, if you want to take it down, be my guest.

RE: JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events - ThomasPickering - 03-05-2022

I was not expecting a warm welcome to my post here, but allow me to respond to your comment.  I would prefer that people ignore what I said about Jackie being a Jew and a deep cover Mossad Agent (which you are using in an attempt to throw out my entire post) and just focus on Jackie being the Assassin of her husband, which I assert is clearly shown in the Zapruder film.  Jackie being the assassin is the most important thing I am trying to show.  I request that you do not delete this post but leave it up for members of this forum to look at and make up their own minds about what they believe.  In my post I have made a very compelling argument for Jackie being the Assassin and nobody has shown that I am wrong.  Just calling it patently absurd is not an argument against it.  Ask questions or make comments about it which I can answer is what I am requesting from you and others on this forum.

By the way, I notice you have a revealing quote from Theodore Herzi in your signature, which I assume means you are aware that he was a Zionist Jew very closely affiliated with the middle Eastern nation of Israel. I find it hard to reconcile you saying this post deserves immediate deletion with your signature, which is not flattering to either Jews or Israel. My posts on the JFK Assassination on my Blog pins the JFK Assassination on Zionist Jews in Israel and America both. How is it such a big stretch to you that Zionist Jews in Israel and America would not find a way to get Jackie Kennedy to assassinate her husband for them? Whether she was Jewish or a Mossad agent is irrelevant to the fact that she was an evil assassin for the Zionist Jews (over the Dimona Ultimatum). I made a new post about it, just for you.

RE: JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events - ThomasPickering - 07-05-2022

The crickets I am getting on this on a JFK Forum is what is known as Dynamic Silence.  Its a Jewish term.  It definitely pertains to this place.  I am aware that the truth about the JFK Assassination is not paramount here because of who runs this forum.

RE: JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events - Mark A. O'Blazney - 05-07-2022

Those aren't crickets, my dude.  They're signals from on High, uh......

RE: JFK Assassination: Sequence of Events - Peter Lemkin - 20-07-2022

You, sir, have NOT studied the events of Dallas 11.22.63, even though you think you have. This kind of dilettante effort along with your insane and anti-semetic theories are both wrong and insulting.  This thread is going to be locked by me [who is Jewish, but NOT BECAUSE I am Jewish, but because this is so insanely off the mark AND prejudiced, both], so you can add that to your failed conspiracy mix. Jackie was a Christian, not anyone's agent, and did nothing to cause the assassination. Hard to know if you are a disinformation agent or just a misguided fool [there being lots of both]...but you are polluting the JFK waters. That will not be allowed here. You are not yet banned, but don't try something similar again. Try reading our JFK section and suggested readings. Even the Z-film has been tampered with, so using it for anything is a totally misguided path.