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Remembering Panama - Magda Hassan - 29-06-2009


Twenty years ago
The Road to Iraq and Afghanistan (and maybe Iran and Pakistan) started with the invasion of Panama under the direction of George H.W. Bush, the father.

The "surgical strike" designed to remove CIA partner Manual Noriega from office, killed an estimated 10,000 civilians.

Deemed a "narco-terrorist," Noriega was the main banker for the cocaine trade.

This involved him in Bush's Iran-Contra program, a triangular trade which involved selling arms to Iran (for a private profit), importing cocaine into the US (for a private profit) and delivering arms to the Contras (for a private profit.)

After the invasion, billions of dollars were removed from the Panamanian banking system by federal mandate, just in time to help bail out the failed S & L industry which collapsed under the weight of corruption and "deregulation."