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The 7/7 London Bombing "Exercise" - David Guyatt - 01-10-2008

I am posting the following link not because I recommend the whole contents of webpage, but because I am intrigued by one part of it.

What has always interested me about the 7/7 London bombing was the fact that a terrorist “exercise” was being conducted on the same day, at the same time, and focusing on the same Underground stations that were then bombed.

This not only strains credulity but reverberates with the military “exercise” that occurred at the same day, same time in the US on 911.

The London “exercise” was managed by “Visor Consultants” owned by Peter Power, a former Parachute Regiment soldier, and thereafter a senior Metropolitan Police officer attached to the anti-Terrorist Squad and so highly experienced in terrorist activities. Indeed, Power was one of those policemen involved in the 1984 Libyan Embassy siege (a not insignificant fact and one I’ll deal with shortly in another thread). To download footage of Power being interviewed on British television where he speaks about his London 7/7 “exercise” click on the following link:

Now let’s cut to the chase. According to the author of the What Really Happened website -- who does not identify himself but who apparently is Muslim judged on the email he claims to have received:


I got an email with an interesting rumor going around London that just before the attacks, someone was trying to hire Muslims to play terrorists for a terror drill, to try to sneak onto the trains and buses with fake bombs to test out the security.


Makes you think, eh.

One of the best resources for information of the 7/7 London bombings is The page they have on Peter Power is of considerable interest:

The 7/7 London Bombing "Exercise" - Ed Jewett - 06-09-2009

WRH [ ] is indeed an interesting site.

My impressions from having been an "on-and-off" viewer of the site over recent years is that it is run by a fellow who uses the name Michael Rivero and is in Hawaii somewhere. He also uses a small network of feeders or "members" who scan for articles and then forward them. He strikes me as having a libertarian slant, and a definite anti-Jewish slant. There is an extensive section devoted to "sales", so it is clearly not an independent or otherwise-supported library for research purposes alone. [For the record, I don't but the anti-Semitic charges by the Israelis, as there are clear indicators of an extensive if unofficial involvement in trans-national crime, drugs, guns, et alia, and there are clear indicators of a background role by Mossad and its operatives in black propaganda ops and false flag attacks. They are not faultless or pristine in the world of deep politics and indeed may be a major player.] Rivero also maintains an extensive section of links on the Israeli involvement in 9/11.

Others' perspectives and insights are always welcome.