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Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - Magda Hassan - 12-08-2009

10 August 2009

The First Boat Out of Port on the Morning of the 4th May 2007

[Image: gerard.jpg]Gerard Aartsen
It should be pointed out that although the Gerard Aartsen in this photo has the same name as the Gerard Aartsen who owns Panic II, it has not yet been established that they are one and the same. The Dutch police have not yet had the opportunity of boarding and searching the boat because they have not yet received the necessary 'request for assistance' from the competent authority ie. the Portuguese police, even though the information was passed to them over 2 years ago.

Twins? The Porn king of the 3 Arguidos forum just happens to be an exact match

[Image: woof111.jpg]
to the drawing of the wanted man. Michael Ironsides' photo makes him a good contender for triplet.
[Image: me.jpg]
Filipe Magalhàes/Beowulf of 3A forum. Portuguese. Occupation: Web Host to 3 A forum. Site owner of
[Image: 706.jpg]
Joana Morais/Xklamation - of the 3 A forum. Portuguese. Occupation: film-maker.
[Image: 15073756.jpg]
Maddie was seen in a party shop with this Portuguese couple (and two other small children).

Excerpt from the Michael Shrimpton Report:

16. In the afternoon of 3rd May the motor yacht Panic II, Dutch registry, owned by A (whose full details again have been communicated to AIVD in The Hague), pennant number P2006/39060, home port Hellevoetsluis Netherlands, built 1983, single-masted, single aluminium hull, length 10.2 metres, beam 3.3 metres, approximate standard displacement 3.5 tons, fitted it is believed with a 2-stroke diesel engine, positioned from Portimao, where she had arrived on the 1st, to Lagos. She waited there until about 1945Z, just before the marina was shut at 2000Z by lowering a lifting bridge, then moved out beyond the lifting bridge, where she was moored to a pontoon on the port side of the small canal leading to the open sea, where she waited.

Sergey Malinka left his home in Praia da Luz some time between the Panic II’s arrival and Madeleine’s kidnap. It is believed he was in communication with A and his wife on board the Panic II. There is name recognition of A from intelligence sources. Drs Gerry and Kate McCann seem to have been under continuous surveillance by a male, name unknown, possibly of Spanish or Moroccan nationality......
According to the theory, Panic left Portimao at 21.15, having filed a destination of Albufeira. As no Albufeira record is on file she appears to gone past that port and on to Vilamoura where she arrived on 4 May, before leaving on 5 May to go back to Albufeira.
by Anon

Official Evidence of Michael Shrimpton's Report

[Image: apenso5_vol_5_p981.jpg.Janssen.jpg]press on photo for enlargement
[Image: apenso5_vol_5_p982.jpg-SOCA.jpg]
[Image: apenso5_vol_5_p984.jpg-Panic+II.jpg]
[Image: apenso5_vol_5_p985.jpg-letter.jpg]Excerpt from the Michael Shrimpton Report:

25. Reporting placed Madeleine on the RV Naomi Corlett as long ago as 18th May. This intelligence was passed immediately to the Operation Task incident room at Leicester, but it was accorded a low priority, even after the one-day conference on Thursday 24th May. With respect it does not seem to have been fully appreciated that positional intelligence of this type is time limited, ie it has to be verified and acted upon quickly. Contrary to the author’s suggestion no application was made for military assistance to the civil power. The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) cannot be criticised for the decision to wait for such a request before acting - in the UK this has been a police-led, not intelligence-led inquiry, and the constitutional position is that military assets are not committed until requested. Operation Task in turn deferred to the DCCB, the reasoning being that it was up to the Portuguese to request a board and search. Such thinking would have been sound had there been any intelligence placing the Naomi Corlett in the territorial sea of Portugal. This vessel was last reported alongside in Lagos as long as 29th September 2003 however and there is no reporting of her in Portuguese waters.
The author makes no apology for pushing hard for this vessel to be tracked, boarded and searched......
1-Anthony Bennett, Solicitor of the Madeleine Foundation, said to be new owner of the 3 Arguidos porn forum, has referred to it as a 'Secret Service' boat.
2-It is said that the boat was the property of Sergei Malinka and was 'sequestered'. It is also said that his car was bombed out to silence him on this matter. R

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - Jan Klimkowski - 12-08-2009

This is important and highly disturbing information.

The image of the paedophile as a sad, lonely, poor, twisted, loser may be true of a few individuals. But that image is largely an MSM construct.

There are clearly rich and powerful individuals who buy, enslave, abuse and sometimes murder children.

Joel van der Reijden has published first-class investigative work on this subject:

The Finders case is another very important one, and I will start a new thread on it here:

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - David Guyatt - 03-11-2009

Quote:Police release Madeleine McCann video
Tue Nov 3, 2009 6:21am GMT

[Image: ?m=02&d=20091103&t=2&i=12177112&w=192&r=..._0_BRITAIN]

LONDON (Reuters) - Police released a video on Tuesday of how Madeleine McCann might look now, in a bid to prick the conscience of anyone who knows what became of the missing girl.

Madeleine, from Leicestershire, vanished from her room at the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, just days before her fourth birthday

The 60-second video, released in seven languages including French and Arabic, features film footage of Madeline and digitally enhanced photos of what she might look like now -- with shoulder length blonde hair -- as well as one with her with a tan and dark hair.

The clip, which was produced with the aid of psychologists, can be viewed at

"We're not actually looking directly at the principal criminal," said Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. "This message is aimed at prompting the conscience of an individual who is keeping a secret."

"We believe that there is someone out there who is associated and knows," he said. "(But) it would not be right to say that we're working on new intelligence."

Parents Gerry and Kate McCann, whom Portuguese police named as suspects but later cleared, waged a high-profile campaign to find their daughter, hiring a private detective and even meeting with Pope Benedict.

Earlier this year, the McCanns told U.S. talk show host Oprah Winfrey they believed she was still alive.

(Reporting by Catherine Bosley; Editing by Steve Addison)

A Minute for Maddie video HERE

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - Magda Hassan - 14-12-2010

WikiLeaks cables: UK police 'developed' evidence against McCanns

British ambassador's reported comments to US counterpart offer insight into role of UK police in 2007 investigation

  • Ben Quinn
  •, Monday 13 December 2010 21.30 GMT [Image: mccann276.jpg] Madeleine McCann is mentioned twice in the WikiLeaks cables. Photograph: PA British police helped to "develop evidence" against Madeleine McCann's parents as they were investigated by Portuguese police as formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, the US ambassador to Portugal was told by his British counterpart in September 2007.
    The meeting between US ambassador Al Hoffman and the British ambassador, Alexander Wykeham Ellis, took place a fortnight after Kate and Gerry McCann were formally declared arguidos, or suspects, by Portuguese police. The McCanns have said that there was "absolutely no evidence to implicate them in Madeleine's disappearance whatsoever."
    In a diplomatic cable marked confidential, the US ambassador reported: "Without delving into the details of the case, Ellis admitted that the British police had developed the current evidence against the McCann parents, and he stressed that authorities from both countries were working co-operatively."
    The comments attributed to the ambassador appear to contradict the widespread perception at the time that Portuguese investigators were the driving force behind the treatment of the McCanns as suspects in the case.
    The disclosure comes as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange returns to court in an attempt to secure bail following his arrest last week at the request of Swedish authorities who want to interview him over allegations of sexual assault. A number of other cables released by the whistleblowers' website shed new light on aspects of the financial crisis. Revelations include:
    RBS chairman Sir Philip Hampton said the board of the bank breached their "fiduciary responsibilities" by allowing the takeover of the Dutch bank ABN Amro.
    The Bank of England governor, Mervyn King, was so worried about the health of the banks that he proposed a secret international fund to recapitalise them six months before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
    US officials expressed doubts in October 2008 over whether Ireland appreciated how much trouble its banks were in.
    In one of two cables referring to the McCann case, the US ambassador notes: "Madeleine McCann's disappearance in the south of Portugal in May 2007 has generated international media attention with controversy surrounding the Portuguese-led police investigation and the actions of Madeleine's parents."
    He reported that his British counterpart thought "that the media frenzy was to be expected and was acceptable as long as government officials keep their comments behind closed doors".
    It was not until 21 July 2008 that the Portuguese authorities shelved their investigation and lifted the arguido status of the McCanns. Responding to the contents of the cable, a spokesman for the McCanns told the Guardian: "This is an entirely historic note that is more than three years old. Subsequently, Kate and Gerry had their arguido status lifted, with the Portuguese authorities making it perfectly clear that there was absolutely no evidence to implicate them in Madeleine's disappearance whatsoever.
    "To this day, they continue to work tirelessly on the search for their daughter, co-operating when appropriate with both the Portuguese and British authorities."
    British authorities had substantial involvement in the investigation launched after Madeleine disappeared in May 2007 from the holiday apartment where the McCanns had left their three children in bed before joining friends at a nearby restaurant in the Algarve village of Praia da Luz. At least one British sniffer dog was used in the investigation and, according to reports, was said to have picked up the scent of a dead body in the apartment.
    In 2008, when a dossier detailing investigations by Portuguese police was made public, it emerged British scientists had warned that DNA tests on a sample from the McCanns' holiday hire car were inconclusive days before they were made suspects. It is known that the Forensic Science Service analysed material sent to Britain by Portuguese police. A spokesman for Leicestershire police said their involvement in the investigation was limited to co-ordinating UK-based inquiries on behalf of the Portuguese authorities.

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - David Guyatt - 14-12-2010

Magda Hassan Wrote:Madeleine McCann's disappearance in the south of Portugal in May 2007 has generated international media attention with controversy surrounding the Portuguese-led police investigation and the actions of Madeleine's parents."
He reported that his British counterpart thought "that the media frenzy was to be expected and was acceptable as long as government officials keep their comments behind closed doors".

What comments? What is this alluding to I wonder?

That the British Bill were trying to, what's the word I'm looking for.... "frame" the McCann's, rather than try to pursue an enquiry that might lead to an immensely power international paedophile ring that has connections at the very top of society throughout the world, no longer comes as a surprise.

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - Jan Klimkowski - 14-12-2010

A search of Rosaleen the whistleblower's site is intriguing:

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - David Guyatt - 14-12-2010

Jan, have you tried to replicate the website's Google Earth search for the Faulx des Tombes Chateau, which lies just south of the small village of Faulx des Tombes, Namen, Belgium?

Unless I am doing something wrong, and I may be, the results are curious. I can find houses, cottages and farm outbuilding in the area that are not exactly sharply defined but sufficiently clear to roughly identify.

But a castle?

Here's a clue:

[Image: fau1.jpg]

It's not a small building...

But I can't find it. It looks to me that when one gets close to its actual location the image of the surrounding country grows very, very blurred.

As I say, I may be doing something idiotic, but please will someone else who has better skills than me, try it and see if I'm going wrong?

Type in the name "Faulx des Tombes Chateau" and Google Earth withdraws into deep space. Very curious. You need to put the name of the village in the search bar "Faulx des Tombes, Namen, Belgium" to even get close.

PS, the castle/chateau is owned by the Solvey family (Dennis Solvay) who according to Joel the family has been indirectly tied to half a dozen child abuse scandals:

Quote:For Beyond Dutroux: Marie Lippens and Denis Solvay. Marie Lippens is a sister of the notorious Leopold Lippens (still a member of the 1001) and Maurice Lippens (Bilderberg; Trilateral Commission; Fortis; Societe Generale). Denis Solvay is one of the owners of the notorious Chateau des Amerois (for the wrong reasons). ISGP actually doesn't have anything reliable on Chateau des Amerois specifically, except for the fact that the Solvay family owns it and that this family has been tied indirectly to about half a dozen child abuse accusations. That's actually just as much as the Lippens family has managed to gather, although in those cases these are direct accusations. See Beyond Dutroux.

See Peter's Wikispooks

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - David Guyatt - 14-12-2010

I take it back. In the comments someone has posted the Google coordinates as: 49.748374,5.151

That works.

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - David Guyatt - 14-12-2010

About Rosaleen-thewhistler blog.

Click on "View my complete profile"

Click link "What's going on"

There appears a photo of US Army servicemen on parade in desert combats honouring seven fallen comrades.

Below that is this ditty:


Land of Dope and Jewry. Land that once was free,
All the Jew boys praise thee while they plunder thee.
Poorer still and poorer grow the trueborn sons,
Faster still and faster, they're sent to feed the guns.
Land of Jewish finance, Fooled by Jewish Lies
in press and books and movies, while our birthright dies.
by Cpt.Ramsay
There's room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
if you want to be like the folks on the hill

A working class hero is something to be
A working class hers is something to be.
by John Lennon
Scroll right down for the blog.

Nice eh.

Intersting information on alleged Maddie suspects - Jan Klimkowski - 14-12-2010

And this on the BNP:

And this on the occult:

Time to tread carefully....