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The Prince's Rainforest Project - David Guyatt - 29-09-2009

Please sign the SOS petition that might bring to a halt deforestation and disastrous climate change.

Even if it helps just a little it still helps a lot...

The Prince's Rainforest Project - Keith Millea - 30-09-2009

Being an American,I don't think graciously of the titles(King,Queen,Barons,etc).So,in that vein I'll be a little snotty towards the "Prince".I know he rides that Big White Horse of environmental awareness.Hey,everyone needs a cause.But,I do wonder if the "Grand Prince" would be willing to help out some of the lower caste individuals that are "actually fighting" on the front lines of trying to save OUR Rainforest.I mean,just a few bucks will help out.They are a simple living people.I've heard that he has some very deep pockets,ya know!!!!!!


The Prince's Rainforest Project - Keith Millea - 01-10-2009

Sorry for being a big snot.Can you tell when I start the day in a sour mood? Confusedhakehands: