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We Researchers miss so much because of our egos - Tosh Plumlee - 21-10-2009

...from previous postings of five years ago...CIA documents withheld for "National Security "reasons. Example: The "Abort Team sent into Dallas by the Pentagon, MI, not CIA.

Previous Posting by Jim Marrs in 2004

"..Jim Marrs
Dec 2 2004, 10:30 PM
Post #1

"... I have known Tosh Plumlee since before the release of Oliver Stone's film "JFK". He has taken me on a guided tour of Dealey Plaza and South Dallas on more than one occasion. While I cannot vouch for 100 percent of his story as I have been unable to substantiate it all, I can state that it has remained remarkably consistent through the years and, over time, has been more and more supported by documents released from the U.S. Government as well as the trstimony of others. From the beginning, he told me that the only person on his Dallas flight of 11-22-63 that he had known previously was Johnny Roselli and that Roselli got off at the first landing at Garland Airport. Tosh also pointed out to me several CIA-backed Cuban "safehouses" in South Dallas as well as the garage apartment behind Oswald's rooming house. Much of what he told me has been verified by outside sources. He also led me to the Oswald apartment on Elsbeth St. and correctly described the odd configuration of the outside door long before we arrived there, indicating to me his prior knowledge of the place. I have been with Tosh on many occasions, including a lengthy driving trip to Florida and Alpha 66 headquarters, and have never seen him in a drunken state. His memory for people, places and dates continues to amaze me. There are now certain individuals who claim that Tosh is unstable, a drunk, a liar or a combination of all three. In my book, this is patently untrue. It should be noted that these same individuals have proven not only inconsistent and abusive in their statements, but have totally reversed declarative statements made only a few years ago. It is easy to call names and make accusations. It is not so easy to erase the memories of those who once listened to such self-appointed authorities...". (end)


Shanet Clark
Dec 2 2004, 10:57 PM
Post #2

Member No.: 1708

Always good to hear from Jim Marrs.
An overview:
After participating in the 'triple underpass' thread and reading almost all of the postings and seminar papers I have a general comment on Tosh.

His story checks out.
He stays on the same line, he is interested in the truth, he is embattled for it, and he wants to share his story without being asked to go beyond what he knows.
His knowledge of the air traffic and personalities of the period is proven by James in Australia and other confirmers. His ability to show subtle differences in his own de-classified files shows his "bona fides." His testimony to special Congressional committees has never been shot down.

Zapruder was filmed from Kennedy's right, 90 degrees to the limousine.
However, at the moment of the fatal headshot, JFK is not in profile, he is turned towards his wife. At this moment he had been shot already in the back and in the throat. LOOKING LEFT IT IS ENTIRELY CONSISTENT WITH THE BALLISTIC EVIDENCE THAT THE SHOT CAME FROM THE SOUTH KNOLL, NEAR THE PARKING LOT AND THE RAILROAD OVERPASS. This bullet penetrated Kennedy's upper right forehead and caused the back lower right part of his skull to be blown out as all medical eyewitnesses state (but none of the compromised film or X-rays can confirm).

A shooter from the grassy knoll could not have caused the wound seen in the Zapruder film or the wound described by the doctors, because JFK was looking to his left.

As I have stated before, the Zapruder Point of View and the interest in the north (grassy) knoll, where a third triangulated position may have been in place either at the wall (classic/carhood position) or the fence (badgeman/puff of smoke) have precluded interest, or blinded us to what we call in American Football "the flat" the large open space to the limousine's left, the south knoll, with its good views and escape routes.
Tosh, as an Eyewitness sent by his CIA and JM/WAVE agent handlers
TRACY BARNES and WILLIAM HARVEY, has a very good and uncorrupted memory of events. Other witnesses either were not in a good position, heard distorted echoes under sudden duress, or have been coached and intimidated. The term the CIA used for this observation mission, calling it "an Abort Task," was obviously hocus-pocus and only a cover story, but it warned Tosh and 'Sergio" to be ready for gunfire, and they were.......

While all this is not conclusive, it is compelling.

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