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Taliban to play role in Afghan govt: UK - Magda Hassan - 18-11-2009

Our work here is done!
One has to wonder what it was all about if the Taliban are just going to be handed government anyway. Good reason to go home right now in that case.
Quote: Taliban to play role in Afghan govt: UK

Wednesday, 18 Nov, 2009
Britain's Foreign Secretary David Miliband addresses delegates during the 55th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Edinburgh, Scotland, November 17, 2009. – Photo by Reuters.

EDINBURGH (Scotland): Ending the war in Afghanistan would include senior Taliban commanders sitting in Afghan government, Britain’s foreign secretary said on Tuesday.
David Miliband also told a meeting of Nato’s parliamentary assembly that military action must be accompanied by a political surge to restore Afghans’ faith in their corruption-scarred government.
He said the vast majority of Taliban fighters were not committed to a global jihad and could be persuaded to stop fighting.
He said a settlement must include the top Taliban commanders prepared to renounce violence.
‘Once reintegration gains momentum, and the insurgency is starting to fray, we will need to support President Karzai in reaching out to those commanders that can be persuaded to renounce Al Qaeda and pursue their goals peacefully within the constitutional framework,’ he said.
‘Blood enemies from the Soviet period and the civil war now work together in government. Former Talibs already sit in the parliament. It is essential that, when the time is right, members of the current insurgency are encouraged to follow suit.’ — AP