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National Socialist Movement - Magda Hassan - 21-04-2010

This is LA, Not…
Gosh. The citizens of Los Angeles really don’t like the White Devils belonging to the Hollywood Nazis of the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Under Commander Herrington, the NSM has survived Satan, but can it survive the wrath of Angels?
The NSM (est.1974) is reckoned to be the largest neo-Nazi grouping in the US. Amusingly, in 2006, the NSM underwent a minor crisis following the resignation of Virginian slumlord und NSM Fuhrer (’media liaison’) Bill White, over the involvement of members of the group’s leadership in Satanic activities. White went on to establish the American National Socialist Workers Party, which has since collapsed, and Bill has been prosecuted for various other offences, mostly concerning threats to kill Untermenschen (see : Quick! Somebody call Bill White a wahmbulance!, December 19, 2009). White was eventually sentenced to two-and-a-years jail (Neo-Nazi is handed 2.5 years for threats, Laurence Hammack, Roanoke Times, April 15, 2010).
In Australia, the NSM has one quasi-official representative, and that is “Derrick MacThomas”, aka Carl D. Thompson. Thompson produces utterly batshit podcasts on behalf of the NSM, during which he has interviewed a small number of local fascists, including Dr James Saleam of the Australia First Party, a very w e i r d KKK spokesdragonlady, and even a Pastor from Sydney, now apparently ensconced with the NSW Humanists.
It’s a funny olde worlde…