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Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - Magda Hassan - 21-11-2008

I wonder if the name of Dr. Megeles Without Borders Bernard Kouchner's name will come up? In the mean time:

November 20, 2008

B92 organ trade investigation turns to UNMIK official

BELGRADE - Tonight�s episode of B92�s Reaction
uncovers why a criminal complaint was brought against
former head of the UNMIK Missing Persons Office Jose
Pablo Baraybar.

In the episode, the Reaction team continues its
investigation into the claims of former Hague Chief
Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte that a number missing
Kosovo non-Albanians were transported to Albania to
have their organs harvested for sale on the black

In the last episode, the team uncovered, for the first
time, the contents of an UNMIK report compiled after
an investigation in February 2004 of the yellow house
in the Albanian town of Burrel, in which Baraybar took

The UNMIK Office headed by Baraybar in 2004 ran, at
the time, all activities linked to finding missing
persons, while he himself was accused of illegal
handling of human body parts.

�It�s well known that if you take a part of someone�s
body, you need to have the consent of the parents, but
on one occasion the UNMIK Office Chief Jose Pablo
Baraybar committed a crime by helping himself to a
bone sample for the purposes of his own research and
benefit,� claims Hisni Berisha of the Suva Reka
Association of Missing Persons� Families.

�We asked him � why are you taking it? At first he
didn�t say anything, then he said, "I�ll never tell
you, what�s it to you that I�m taking it?� recalls
Tefik Gashi, a pathologist from Pristina.

A letter from the Belgrade War Crimes Prosecutor�s
Office states that Baraybar had a number of criminal
complaints against his name, including from Serb and
Bosniak missing persons� associations.

Baraybar, whom the Reaction team was able to track
down in Denver, denied the family�s allegations when
interviewed over the phone.

�Yeah, there are a number of people who took advantage
of those families and told them stories how I�ve got
some sort of collection of bones somewhere, and that
I�m involved in the organ trade. That�s nothing new to
me,� he said.
The Prosecution�s letter states that because of
Baraybar�s reputation, there is a danger that he could
personally or indirectly see to it that evidence
uncovered in the yellow house and stored, according to
UNMIK information, in Orahovac, is removed.

In tonight's episode, to be screened at 21:00 CET,
viewers can hear what material evidence was discovered
at the scene and where, according to Baraybar, it is
located today.

Viewers will also hear whether tunnels around the
frontier belt between Albania and Kosovo were used as
illegal holding units for abducted non-Albanians and
what the parents had to go through, who, in their
search for their loved ones, had to travel to Albania.

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - David Guyatt - 21-11-2008

It is simply the most appalling thing to kidnap young healthy people, imprison them until they are ready to place them on a grubby, temporary operating table and harvest their organs for profit.

That the Pentagon, major corporations and others are aware of this, and worse, involve themselves in it, is testimony to how low we have sunk as a civilization.

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - Magda Hassan - 15-12-2008

BELGRADE - An international forensic report on the
kidnapping of Kosovo's Serbs and harvesting of their
organs is missing nine pages, a Belgrade daily writes.

The report on the so-called yellow house in Albania,
thought to have been the location where the victims'
organs were removed, was put together in 2004, daily
Blic is saying today.

A representative of the Serbian War Crimes
Prosecution, on the orders issued by Prosecutor
Vladimir Vukcevic, travelled to New York on Friday to
ask UN peacekeeping operations chief Alain le Roy to
provide him with the complete report compiled by a
group of international investigators.

The report pertains to cases of kidnapping of the
Kosovo Serbs after the 1999 war in the province.

The document was submitted in mid-June 2004 by a
five-member UNMIK forensic team, who travelled to the
yellow house in the town of Burrel in Albania.

Although the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)
representatives initially claimed that the report did
not exist, the Serbian prosecution last spring gained
access to the minutes from the Burrel investigation.

However, it turned out that the document was missing
nine pages.

According to the newspaper, someone in this way tried
to hide information very important to the
investigation, including the names of persons that are
believed to be involved in this crime.

The report in question has information that could
prove exceptionally important for the course of the
pre-criminal proceedings currently under way,
especially since new testimonies from witnesses of the
human organ trafficking have emerged in the meantime,
along with the details about camps and mass graves in
Albania where those kidnapped in Kosovo were buried.

The sizeable material, Blic continued, contains
information that includes data on kidney transplants
taking place in clinics in Tirana and Skopje during
the 1999 NATO attacks on Serbia, when members of an
armed Kosovo Albanian group, known as the KLA,
kidnapped several hundred Kosovo Serbs and transported
them to camps in Albania.

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - David Guyatt - 15-12-2008

Who benefits from loosing nine pages I wonder? KLA were US & European allies as I recall...

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - Magda Hassan - 15-12-2008

Quote: KLA were US & European allies as I recall...
One could say the KLA were a German and US creation.

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - Magda Hassan - 23-12-2008

"Mass grave found near yellow house” 23 December 2008 | 09:30 | Source: Blic BELGRADE -- Daily Blic writes that a mass grave containing bodies of organ harvesting victims has been found near the “yellow house” where operations supposedly took place.

“The location of the grave site was marked in a UN report from 2004 which has not been officially given to the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution. The prosecution gained access to this part of the report through unofficial channels even though it has asked the UN for the full report on many occasions,” the daily’s source said.

“There are suspicions that the grave, which is located on a field close to a cement factory near the village of Burrel, contains the bodies of Serbs, Roma and disloyal Albanians that the Kosovo Liberation Army, with the cooperation of the Albanian government, took to a psychiatric hospital in Burrel, where their organs were harvested for sale,” the source states.

The UN forensic report contains a photograph of the cement factory and the field, together with detailed evidence found in the yellow house.

Surgical instruments and medicine were found in the house. The UN forensic scientists photographed the evidence and included them in the report.

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - Magda Hassan - 21-01-2009

“Yellow house documents destroyed in Hague” 16 January 2009 | 09:37 | Source: B92 BELGRADE -- War Crimes Prosecution spokesman Bruno Vekarić says that documents related to the “yellow house” case were destroyed in The Hague.

[Image: 210830261349704bbcdfbd1436256561_MidCol.jpg]Bruno Vekarić (FoNet archive)

He told B92 that all the new findings regarding the case had been given to the Council of Europe. The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution asked UNMIK for information on the investigation regarding missing Kosovo Serbs.

Vekarić said that UNMIK had claimed that no investigation had ever been conducted, which the Serbian prosecution had, through various sources, established as being a lie.

“I can document that after the beginning of our investigation on April 22, 2008, we asked UNMIK for information on human organ trafficking. We received an answer on June 6, 2008 that they had not knowledge whatsoever. We then found an informal report from which it is clear that an investigation was conducted,” Vekarić said.

The War Crimes Prosecution will continue its investigation into the mass killings of Serbs and human organ trafficking in northern Albania.

The prosecution states that some of the evidence was taken to The Hague, including a medical container suspected of having been used during operations.

“We have information that it ended up in The Hague, which you can see from this signature here. This was signed by a credible person, who was a Hague Tribunal investigator at the time. According to this, the documents were destroyed in The Hague once the investigation was complete—that material was no longer any use to them,” Vekarić explained.

The spokesman said that the fact that the evidence had been destroyed did not matter so much, because the documentation had been kept safe. Vekarić claims that Hague Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz is prepared to help with the investigation.

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - David Guyatt - 21-01-2009

Magda, is the fix in do you think because of NATO involvement in this trade?

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - Magda Hassan - 28-01-2009

Quote:Magda, is the fix in do you think because of NATO involvement in this trade?

I am not sure that it is NATO official policy (yet, perhaps unofficial :afraidSmile but they certainly seem involved in a cover up and there is knowledge of it with in the organisation. Is this foreknowledge or knowledge after the fact? Though the French Foreign Minister has been fingered and is called Dr Mengeles San Frontiers by some apparently because of his history of selective surgical dispatching of the wounded regardless of their wishes or beliefs about euthanasia. Certainly MSF seem quite keen to distance themselves from him these days At this stage I can find nothing more concrete than the below articles of his direct involvement in this matter. He was extremely pro KLA and called them his friends. Quite a remarkable statement when you know who and what they are. And who and what he should be.

Why let a good corpse go to waste especially when there is so much money to be made for the cause? It only a small step from that to active selection for those of that mind set.

While these events have been well known locally it was only when Carla Del Ponte a judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) an no friend of Serbia had her book published last year that these activites were discovered by the western media. Evidence of these activities were (and still are) with in the hands of those who could have and should have investigated but did nothing and covered it up. The tribunal was and continues to be a travesty, a kangaroo court and white wash. Their prisoners die in their custody and witness disappear and die under stange circumstances. But only those who testify against the KLA and co. No doubt many of the people involved in the adminstation of 'justice' there also know what is going on and just want to go home intact to their families at the end of their time there having seen what has happened to some of the witnesses. Better someone elses family than theirs they think to themselves. The whole operation of the break up of Yugoslavia is a premeditated crime from the onset. What's a few body parts? Mere collateral damage and only symbolic of the dismemberment of the former multi-ethnic independent nation.

If you watch the videos in our You Tube channel about the trafficking of women from some of the former USSR states you will see a Turkish connection. There is also a Turkish connection here with the organ trafficking.


Translation of the article and transcript of conversation published by Belgrade daily Kurir
Original article here in Serbian :

NATO leaders Wesley Clark and Javier Solana knew that the international forces in Kosovo are dealing in trafficking of the human organs and drugs, and were most probably involved in these deals. Former NATO chief commander, American General Wesley Clark and then-NATO Secretary General Javier Solana have met on August 15, 2001, in a villa rented in Swiss Alps.
Kurir has obtained the transcript of the conversation between the two NATO leaders, which confirms many suspicions regarding the trade in human organs, as well as the drug trafficking. The trade of human organs is a subject of both Hague tribunal investigation and the investigation by the Council of Europe, recently initiated by the Russian Federation.
Kurir will publish the complete Solana-Clark conversation. That evening, two young women were also with them, to help improve the mood of the two officials. They chatted in a relaxed atmosphere, sipping cocktails.
Clark: I'll visit Kosovo in few days...
Solana: Be careful. The narco-dealer gangs are roaming through Kosovo. There is no law, no control there... Hm, we made a big mistake when we allowed these [Albanians] to rule.
Clark: Yeah... maybe.
Solana: This is all the fault of CIA operatives... All they care about is drugs and their business...
Clark: Yes, I know how things are down there... I often go to Kosovo, mostly incognito, it's safer that way. But, now I have to finish one business. We have to transfer a load to Fort Bragg.
Solana: Hopefully, it's not that urgent... Are you talking about the organs?
Clark: Yes, yes...
Solana: Bondsteel is doing a good job. Schlaphcock (spelling unknown) [man in charge for the U.S. military camp security] and Kouchner [Bernard, first UNMIK head, now Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, suspected of also being involved in the organ harvesting and trade] are doing their jobs excellently...
Clark: Right. It seems it's urgent now. There are constant meetings with General Anderson. Once I finish this, I'd drop by Serbia. What do you think, how will they receive me?
Solana: Don't worry, they'll be good. These ones in Belgrade are much more obedient even than those in Podgorica [Montenegro]. In Montenegro the presidents can be changed, but Milo [Djukanovic, former and current Montengro premier] is pulling all the strings, because he uses money to buy everything. Once you get to Belgrade, avoid contacts with Kostunica and his people... Relations between him and Djindjic have gone rather cold... Although, I think Djindjic is right, Kostunica is not easy for cooperation. You know, when you talk to him, he always listens very carefully, but in the end of the conversation he always sharpens things up. We could never reach the full agreement with him on anything.
Clark: How do you think they'll react to this about the TV station [Belgrade RTS TV station that was razed during NATO aggression, in violation of the Geneva Convention, killing 16 staff members]? You know that I wrote in my book that I have personally picked the targets...
Solana: Yes, I know, I've seen that.
Clark: But you also know how much Clinton and his were pressing for bombardment of the Serbian television...
Solana: What we know stays between us! You mustn't talk about that with anyone!
Original article here in Serbian:
Organ Extraction Atrocities: The Blood Trail Leads to Sarkozy's Foreign Minister

The spokesman of the Serbian War Crimes Tribunal Bruno Vekaric told Vecernje Novosti the War Crimes Prosecution is in possession of the informations according to which numerous criminal charges have been brought up against one UNMIK [United Nations Mission in Kosovo] official for trafficking internal organs of Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo-Metohija province, and also earlier, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Vekaric explained that the official charged for the most macabre crimes of extracting organs from the healthy young Serbs for sale was a forensic expert within the UNMIK, who has since fled to South America.
Vekaric said that the Prosecution has evidence that UNMIK had opened an investigation about the human organ trafficking in the Serbian province at some point, but that they are not given access to the documentation which would allow them to learn the results of UNMIK's investigation.
"We have requested the investigation results from UNMIK, as well as the information from Albania, of which our Prosecution requested to launch an investigation about trafficking with human organs in Albanian north, and whose prosecutor was on the terrain," Vekaric said.
He added that the Prosecution thus far has not discovered evidence against the first UNMIK chief Bernard Kouchner, currently France's Foreign Affairs Minister, suspected of involvement in the atrocious crime chain.
Bernard Kouchner is being pointed to as the key person responsible for the gruesome crimes against the kidnapped Serbs and other non-Albanians, revealed by the former Hague tribunal chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte in her recently published book "The Hunt, Me and War Criminals".
Sarkozy's Foreign Minister is also charged by the members of the Serbian investigative teams formed earlier, within the state's Kosovo-Metohija Coordinating Center, as well as by the families of the Serbs kidnapped and missing from the province since the 1998-1999 war.
"All the roads from the very start, from the very idea [of extracting the organs from Serbs kidnapped by the terrorist KLA], down to the transport of the organs and the sale to the rich clientèle in Europe and United States, lead to Bernard Kouchner. At the time of the wars [in former Yugoslavia] he was one of the founders of the allegedly humanitarian organization 'Doctors Without Borders', which was later operating in Kosovo too", the Novosti source from the Kosovo province police said.
"The right conditions for realizing the whole idea were created when Kouchner became the head of the UN Mission in Kosovo and Metohija [right after the NATO aggression against Serbia ended, in the summer of 1999]. This has enabled him, with the UNMIK police aid, to thwart all the investigations that were undertaken at the time by the representatives of the Serbian state. Serbian officials were an inch away from the kidnapped Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija on a number of occasions, but were always prevented from reaching them", the members of the former investigative teams of the state's Coordinating Center for the province said.
UNMIK Prevented Search of the KLA Secret Concentration Camps when Kidnapped Serbs were Still Alive

"This is why not a single search had produced any results, even though many of the kidnapped were still alive at the time, and were imprisoned in Kosovo and Metohija", Serbs who were leading the investigations after the war said, adding that the whole "business" took place in the years 2000 and 2001, when Kosovo Albanian butchers held Serbs in the numerous concentration camps and prisons throughout Kosovo province, and when the Western officials, including Kouchner, have already been firmly established in the southern Serbian province, through their various institutions under the NATO and UN umbrella.
Milorad Pejcinovic, leader of the Serbian investigative team assigned with the task of finding the secret makeshift prisons and concentration camps in Kosovo and Metohija, said that there can be no doubt UNMIK has been purposely thwarting every single investigation.
"There is no question that every serious search of our team has been thwarted by the UNMIK police, claiming that the locations for which we had solid evidence that they contain our kidnapped people, are not safe. Whenever we would come within an inch of uncovering them, UNMIK police would forbid us to move further, claiming that the Albanians have learned about our intentions and that our lives are at stake," Pejcinovic said.
He revealed that the UNMIK police was also preventing every individual attempt by the families to find their kidnapped loved ones, telling them that they must have a court order to enter certain locations, which "served to provide sufficient time for the Albanians who held kidnapped Serbs imprisoned to move them to other locations".
"The biggest problem was the fact that Albanians had their men in UNMIK, who would inform them about each of our intentions to search the terrain. The same thing happened during one of the most complex searches which lasted three days. When we came to the entryway of one of the secret locations, UNMIK ordered us to turn back, because 'they can't guarantee our safety'," Serbian investigators said.
According to Novosti, the Protocol on the joint investigative teams searching for the KLA secret prisons and concentration camps in Kosovo and Metohija was signed between the Serbian state institution officials and UNMIK only on October 5, 2001. This document was signed upon the insistence of the families of the missing and kidnapped Serbs, and also members of other non-Albanian ethnic groups, based on the series of findings about the existence of such locations in the southern Serbian province, which cropped all over the province during and after the war instigated by the terrorist KLA. However, according to the representatives of the Serbian state Coordinating Team for Kosovo-Metohija, this Protocol has not been honored by the UNMIK, which "first and foremost, failed to respect the confidentiality of the informations".

Did Kouchner Know Kosovo Serbs were Butchered for their Organs

[Image: monsters.jpg]
Cover of the Belgrade daily Kurir: Organ trafficking scandal — Kouchner Involved

Bernard Kouchner Involved in KLA Organ Harvesting Atrocity?

Article by Niksa Bulatovic, Kurir
Milijana Mitrovic, one of Carla del Ponte's sources for facts about death camps where Serbs were stripped of their organs, claims that Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks and Arabs were also tortured.
Albania is not a "blue tomb" only for Serbs and Serbs abducted from Kosovo and Metohija were not the only ones whose organs were harvested. White slaves from Romania, Moldavia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Montenegro, the Arab countries, etc. were also used for this purpose. The highest political leaders in Albanian state were involved in the affair, as well as Kosovo Liberation Army commanders and representatives of KFOR and UNMIK, Milijana Mitrovic testified in a statement for Kurir. She said she was one of Carla del Ponte's sources of information regarding death camps in Albania and Kosovo and Metohija province.
Ms. Mitrovic said that she saw these camps and has learned a lot about crimes thanks to her friendship with an influential Albanian businessman. However, when she told official Serbian authorities about this in 2002 [DOS which took over Serbian government in a CIA-funded coup], no one wanted to hear what she had to say. Moreover, some of them even threatened her and told her to remain quiet, and sent police representatives to question and harass her.
"The Albanians brought white slaves from various countries to entertain the members of UNMIK and KFOR as prostitutes. When they no longer needed them, they would take them to Albania to harvest their organs. There were camps in Kukesh, Elbasan, Flora and Drach; the 'yellow house' where their organs were removed was in Tirana (capital of Albania). The Americans, Germans and Englishmen participated in this," emphasized Mitrovic.
Mengele would be Envious...

[Image: Kouchner-ceku.jpg]
"Doctors" without borders, indeed: France was among the first states to recognize the unilateral declaration of independence by Pristina separatists and its new foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, former UNMIK head in Kosovo province, was among the loudest KLA lobbyists. He is now accused of having been involved in the KLA organ harvesting atrocity. Photo: Bernard Kouchner ® with war criminal Agim Ceku.

She said that the healthiest males up to age of 45 were picked out among the imprisoned Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, and transferred to U.S. military bases abroad, especially in Germany and Italy. Allegedly two missing Serb men from Kosovo and Metohija were seen in the U.S. base in Wiesbaden. She didn't know what was done with the abducted Serbs in those bases but there are indications that they were used as guinea pigs.
"Anyone who tried to escape would end up under the knife together with the others who were taken to the camps in Albania. Current and former Albanian premiers Sali Berisha and Fatos Nano were involved with the blessing of Bernard Kouchner, former UNMIK head and currently French foreign minister, a physician. Also involved were Ramush Haradinaj and his brother Daut, Agim Cheku and Hashim Thaci, as well as Halim Omer Osmani, Muhamed Luti, Enes Elmazi," recounted Mitrovic.
She said that in 2001 and 2002 some Serbian politicians, primarily belonging to the opposition at that time, were collecting money to find the kidnapped Serbs. The final sum was several hundred thousand German marks. Through the intercession of U.S. CIA Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Shaw (sp?) the money was given to a certain Kosovo Albanian. The Kosovo Albanian learned a lot but he was caught and killed, said Mitrovic.
Del Ponte Waited for the Fake State to be Declared Before Publishing her Book

Simo Spasic, president of the Association of Kidnapped and Abducted Kosovo-Metohija Serbs said that Milijana Mitrovic told then what she knew several years ago but they could not believe her. However, Carla del Ponte's Book "The Hunt: Me and the War Criminals" convinced them that she was telling the truth.
"We finally received Del Ponte's book from Italy and it states how many Serbs were transferred to Italy, and where their vital organs, intended for sale throughout Europe and America, were removed. The book will serve as evidence in our case against her because she hid the crimes while serving as Hague prosecutor. During a meeting with us in 2004 she told that our relatives and loved ones had all been killed but she didn't mention that they had been stripped of their organs," emphasized Spasic. In his opinion, Del Ponte calculatingly chose to reveal this after the criminals had proclaimed Kosovo's independence.
"If she had published this only four or five years ago, no country in the world would have recognized such a criminal state. The leaders of the so-called KLA would be in The Hague for their command responsibility," emphasized Spasic.

Original article in Serbian here:

Thaci - KLA - Kosovo - Albanian organ harvesting crimes and investigations - David Guyatt - 28-01-2009

Thanks Magda.

I would need to actually listen to the alleged Clark-Solano conversation to believe it, as it sounds far too "open" to be believable imo. Both are too savvy to be directly involved, I think.