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Michael Heseltine and Ken Loach - Magda Hassan - 18-10-2010

Well worth a watch.

Michael Heseltine and Ken Loach - David Guyatt - 18-10-2010

Bravo Ken Loach.

Tarzan performed as expected - protecting the interests of the tiny few and, as always, castigating the outgoing opposition (i.e.., the Labour Party) for the global embezzlement of the banks by the bankers. On those few occasions he did not try to shout Loach down with his usual diatribe, he resorted to tired cold war political cliches (i.e., "crypto communist claptrap") to downplay the message Loach was putting across, which was this: a tax of 5% on the wealthy 10% who own 50% of the wealth (£4,000 billion) of the nation, would wipe off the accumulated debt overnight.

Michael Heseltine and Ken Loach - Jan Klimkowski - 18-10-2010

I saw it on broadcast.

"Tarzan" Heseltine kept trying to frame Ken Loach as a dinosaur.

The real Brontosaurus was clearly Heseltine.