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Personal thanks - Charles Drago - 24-12-2010

To My Friends and Comrades at DPF,

During this very trying period, all the true owners of DPF have been recipients of scores of acts of kindness from personal and shared friends.

My co-owners and I have expressed privately to each other our thoughts and feelings for each other.

Here I'd like to thank:

Jack White, for his courageous advocacy of DPF and yours truly in an overtly hostile (to the truth as well as me) EF environment.

Peter Lemkin, for behavior that is most commonly associated with a comrade-in-arms.

Jim Fetzer, for dignity and calm in the face of turmoil.

As for Myra Bronstein: Following the practice of her soul mates ("Colby," Burton, and the rest of the disinformationalists/agents provocateurs who find safe haven at the EF), she has chosen to eschew the truth and to focus her wrath primarily on me. That I have not become "radioactive" to my true friends gives me strength.

Judge a man by his enemies.

A special word of thanks is due to our newest co-owner, the indispensable Peter Presland. He stepped into the breach fearlessly and contributed so much not just to the restoration of DPF, but to our shared, larger missions.

If this roll call is less than complete, the fault is my own.



Personal thanks - Dawn Meredith - 24-12-2010

I echo CD's words above and I know there are more to thank, for the moment Jim DiEugenio comes to mind for trying to keep them honest at the Education Forum, an awesome feat initself. And to my dear friend Richard Bartholomew who taked to me when I could not longer cope with a computer screen.