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MLK The Man Of Peace, Courage, Morality. - Peter Lemkin - 19-01-2009

I'd like to honor the memory of MLK on his birthday [today]. He stands head and shoulders above so many others we talk about and who were silenced for their opposition against the Hidden Hand creating the wars, poverty, suffering, hate and more around the World. He was executed by those he spoke of ONE YEAR TO THE DAY [not an accident nor a coincidence] from his 'Vietnam Speech', the best parts of which can be heard here and his last speech [knowing he was likely to die shortly by assassination] is here If you really want to be inspired and hear them all - they can be found here

How desperately we need someone - no many - like Dr. King. He has always been my biggest hero and role model. When I feel afraid we will fail, and at times I was under threat of harm, I'd listen to his speeches for comfort and strength. May those who killed him someday face justice for Murder!!!

And by that I don't mean the men who only pulled the trigger - but those [at the top] who nodded their heads and made 'it so' [the very same people who killed the Black Panthers, JFK, MLK, Karin Silkwood, John Lennon, shootings galore and other assassinations by the thousands 'up the yazoo', all the 'disappearing witnesses' of the other assassinations, the illegal covert operations, the murders and overthrows, 9-11 and even the current theft of money in the USA and World., wars and torture, starvation, deprivation that intentionally killed about 20,000,000+ I'll bet my life on all I've said - and have. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm old and fought many battles on this 'font', and I'll be damned if the worst and most evil are going to take and keep control without a fight to the last breath from me!...anyone care to join? Debate is fine, analysis is fine. What we need now [desperately] is action and protest or we will loose the USA and the World to the most evil, the most corrupt, the most greedy, the most full of avarice and hubris, the biggest liars, the biggest criminals and those who murder the most......

¡No Pasarán!
MLK ¡Presente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall not in my lifetime forget your message nor your humanity and inspiration! Thank you Brother Martin!.............
I was a tender 12 when I saw you in person the first time - in D.C. at the March on Washington. You only grew better, stronger and more sure of your message with time. They killed you for your humanity, love, christian values [universal humanist values], speaking truth to power, daring to stand-up to the would-be rulers of the World with force (rather than by deed or morality, election or due). Martin, I miss you; sad that your life was cut-short by design - by those evil in power; but your inspiration lives on!

MLK The Man Of Peace, Courage, Morality. - Dawn Meredith - 19-01-2009

Thanks for this Peter. Wonderful speech. Interesting that the phrase "equating dissent with disloyalty" became such a hallmark for the W. administration and its band of terrorists.

"I ain't going to study war no more". Amen.


MLK The Man Of Peace, Courage, Morality. - Magda Hassan - 21-01-2009

Beautifully said Peter and so true. MLK Presente!