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London Officials To Erase Banksy’s Latest ‘Olympic’ Street Art - Magda Hassan - 24-07-2012

London Officials To Erase Banksy's Latest Olympic' Street Art
24 Jul 2012 |

[Image: 2.jpg]

In spirit of the London Olympics, UK street artist, Banksy has created two new pieces of artworks.

His two new works feature an Olympic themewith one artwork depicting a pole-vaulter and another featuring an athlete throwing' a missile instead of a javelin.

However, his new works might be erased as London officials have placed a ban on street artists and their works for the London Olympics, as reported inThe Guardian.

London officials stationed at Olympic venues have also threatened to remove any public graffiti if discovered and arrest individuals caught in the act of creating new works.

The Guardian writes, "The Olympic suppression of graffiti and street art is a chilling sign that instead of magnifying or rekindling the reputation London now has for outrageous art and irrepressible creativity , this corporate behemoth is cancelling out the capital's attractions and drawing attention to its weaknesses."

Should London officials erase London's iconic street artworks, including those by their most famous street artist, Banksy?

[Image: 1.jpg]

[via The Guardian, Atlantic Wire, images via Banksy]

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