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Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Charles Drago - 30-08-2012

The war for truth and justice in the wake of JFK's assassination has lost a true hero.

Gaeton Fonzi has passed.

The information below was posted elsewhere earlier today:

Gaeton Fonzi, 76, of Satellite Beach, died peacefully on Thursday, August 30 surrounded by his loving family. He is survived by Marie, his wife of 55 years, four children (Irene, Guy, Maria, and Christopher) and their spouses (Jeff, Dolly, Victor and Gina), eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Mr. Fonzi's fame as an investigative journalist earned him a place on the Senate and House Committees which investigated the JFK assassination and subsequently resulted in the publication of his book The Last Investigation in 1993 which is highly critical of the Warren Commission Report. His book was considered by many critics as among the best books on the subject and he was recognized as a respected authority on those aspects of the assassination involving anti-Castro Cubans and the intelligence agencies.

Previous to his involvement investigating the assassination, Mr. Fonzi was Senior Editor of Philadelphia Magazine, where he wrote over 100 major feature articles and won the magazine's first national journalism award. During this time, he published Annenberg: a Biography of Power and was featured in Best Magazine Articles 1968.

An honors journalism graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Fonzi served in the US Army Infantry and rose to Captain in a Civil Affairs reserve unit. Upon moving to Miami in 1972, Mr. Fonzi became editor of Miami Magazine and senior editor of its sister publication, Gold Coast. Throughout his career, Mr. Fonzi wrote for New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Penthouse, Avenue Magazine, the New York Daily News and the Chicago Tribune. He won numerous awards including two local Sigma Delta Chi Awards and a National Sigma Delta Chi Award.

Mass to be held at 11am on Tuesday, September 4 at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, 3050 North Hwy.
A1A, Indialantic, Florida. Luncheon reception at 1:00 p.m., at City Tropics Bistro, 249 Fifth Avenue, Indialantic, Fla. (321) 723-1300

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Peter Lemkin - 30-08-2012

An immense loss! A man full of integrity and intelligence! I'd heard for a long time how sick he was and not to ask him for things.....etc. Sigh...we are now loosing so many important persons, one at a time. He did so much to unravel the Gordian knot that is the JFK Assassination. We still have his work and investigative efforts! We have lost the man. I'm very sad indeed. He once did a very great deed for me, personally, when he easily could have declined. If you've not read his book The Last Investigation, do! I had the pleasure to meet him many times and know him a little. He was always helpful to a serious researcher who asked. Farewell friend, colleague, researcher, explorer into the murky depths. A life well lived and lived fully! American Hero, for sure, and more.

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Greg Burnham - 30-08-2012

I am speechless...again.

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Phil Dragoo - 30-08-2012

I encourage every person who reads this who has not read The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi to deny yourself that no longer.

Imagine Gaeton Fonzi finding George DeMohrenschildt before the black team.

What was your reaction to first hearing Veciana placing Phillips with Oswald in Dallas.

Phillips who wanted to salvage the reputation of his fellows with AFIO

Who only near the end admitted he was in Dallas

Even as Lane led a jury to reject Hunt's alibi for that day

Despite Blakey's lapdancing for Langley one investigator soldiered on

We should be closing doors said Blakey

Because Maurice Bishop's people got me this job to insure that

To Gaeton Fonzi

The Investigator

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Seamus Coogan - 30-08-2012

One other guy I'd have loved to interview. A very real hero of the case. My thoughts to his friends and family.

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - LR Trotter - 31-08-2012

For any serious seeker of truth regarding the JFK assassination, Gaeton Fonzi's "The Last Investigation" is an absolute must read. If I had to pick my favorite, TLI is it. A true loss. The researchers and students of JFK's assassination will miss him.

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - John Kelin - 31-08-2012


Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Charles Drago - 31-08-2012

A man died. A man possessing a voice of reason that he raised in moral authority ... defiant, indignant, righteous. Irony being uncontrollable, I conjure the memory of Caroline Kennedy presenting a "Profiles in Courage" Award to Gerald Ford. A lantern without light.

As opposed to Gaeton.

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Vasilios Vazakas - 31-08-2012

My condolences to his family. The Last Investigation was one of the greatest books.
Fonzi should have been awarded the 'Profile in Courage' award instead of Gerry Ford.

Gaeton Fonzi, American Hero, has Passed - Phil Dragoo - 31-08-2012

Sprague replaced with Blakey by The Castle

Blakey lied about the Parkland and Bethesda medical witnesses

and more

CIA's Joannides blocked Lopez and Hardaway

(what possible national security argument protects a lone gunman)

Joannides so involved with DRE in the vanguard of framing the patsy

DBA OBAMA stonewalls Morley's FOIA request for CIA files on Joannides

A murder by a hidden power elite

covered up by willing handmaidens in government, intelligence, media

abetted by liars Posner and Bugliosi

Theory, theirs

Truth, ours