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Sheila Weller Attacks Assange
In the 'Political Assassinations' thread on Jimi Hendrix I pointed out how 60's Rolling Stone Magazine rock journalist Sheila Weller wrote an article in CIA and Ben Bradlee-associated Vanity Fair Magazine outlining Jimi Hendrix's alleged homosexual tendencies. That article came shortly after the explosive revelation that Jimi had been murdered by his MI-6 manager Michael Jeffery. Instead of doing an article on Jimi's murder Weller wrote a weird piece listing Jimi's specific feminine qualities. This kind of article is classic CIA psychological warfare defamation against one of their COINTELPRO targets. Intel never forgets.

I confronted Shelia on this on her Facebook page and she ignored it but only after saying she looked in to the murder claim and it was bullshit.

With this in mind I think Deep Politics people might be interested in this posting on Sheila's Facebook page:

" Julian Assange is a traitor, a coward, an opportunist, a paid agent of Russia, and a cynical thug. We are not living in a real -- responsible, sobersided, ethical, risk-weighing,patriotic --- democracy -- and this turn of events is courtesy of ONE of the two parties, shockingly ends-justify-means and corrupt.. We are close to living in Medieval England where kings beheaded people for sport, revenge, and petty disloyalty and in North Korea, where the terrified, uninformed masses support the scary despot because they have been brainwashed.

I am not a purist in that regard. Maybe it is an unpopular opinion for a social liberal, but I want a strong, competent US intelligences agency. I have long kidded but meant it that if it meant preventing another 9.11, the govt could read my completely irrelevant emails. I think -- I iknow from talking to CIA officers, one major one -- that their jobs have been made much harder by all the cyber.

makes Snowden far more heroic than he deserves to be presented) he is spurred to activism by the knowedge that the CIA can monitor citizens through their TVs. I guess I have moral failings for not precisely believing this or not being bothered by it. I worry more that my banjk account, such as it is!, can be hacked. And that when I was identity-thefted 4 years ago for 2 straight years the IRS was completely helpless in doing anythng about it and I was in a state of anxiety with no recourse all that time.

Yes, this honestly all scares me more than the CIA being able to turn on my TV. ** What scared me was -- way back in 1994! -- the National Enquirer had me follwoed when I was reporting my OJ book. And they paid off a telephone opertor in the hotel I was staying at near the Browns; house in Laguna and had her listen in on my conversations with my secret source and later the case's star witness and with my book editor.

Silicon Valley is doing this, not the CIA. Am I right, Susan Hasler? Or am I wrong? (And sorry for dragging you in. Bow out if you want. But you are one of my two major CIA FB Friends.) "

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