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The End is Nigh!
Is the thread caption an exaggeration you may ask? Maybe.

The official US national debt is currently $21.62 trillion. The last time I looked earlier in this year it was just over $21 trillion (see HERE). It's expanding at an alarming rate. This equates to 105.4% of GDP

But this figure is only half of the equation, it seems. There is another $21 trillion debt that is now hidden from public view in the Defence and other government books, making the astronomical (and completely unsustainable) sum of $42 trillion indebtedness.

What is worse is that foreign central banks are buying this indebtedness in order to support the debt - which means that when the plates stop spinning atop the poles, the whole damn world will crash and there will be uncontrollable chaos. Which is probably why this hidden debt of $21 trillion has been classified under the grounds of national security.

With an actual debt of $42 trillion (if this is what these figures and analysis really mean - and I think they do?), then debt as a percentage of GDP is actually 211%.

So yes, the end really is nigh. Because those spinning plates will come crashing down one day.

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Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Since the dollar is not an absolute value buy one priced against all other currencies, which currencies will go up?
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

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The 21 trillion issue is certainly an interesting question. I think it might be linked to the vast hidden global money system which in some way is based on gold. [/FONT]

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