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JFKU: review by Lisa Pease.
I found this review of James Douglass' JFK The Unspeakable articulate and moving. I predict our forty-fourth president will not read the book.

Already I read and hear the oddest renunciation of what only a year ago was humanity's last best hope--and from the Left.

Would the removal of the three T-33s have improved chances for the invasion's success? Why was removal not approved?

Had JFK really that much confidence in the invasion's success? If not, why not immediately abort?

We hear of the missiles in Turkey? Why not put that issue on the table? It would have won over the people and checkmated the military.

Why the secretive nature of the withdrawal in NSAM 263? Why not take it to the people--present it as the only way to avoid another Dien Bien Phu?

What a hollow victory for the generals--November 1965 LBJ would toast them and roast them and put them out on the street when they came begging to mine Haiphong and bomb Hanoi. (The Day It Became The Longest War).

Before the Left goes too much farther in its lambasting of Obama over Afghanistan, reference should be made to Col. Bui Tin who so commended the previous generation in the Congress and the press and Hollywood for its assurance that Americans would withdraw.

Such withdrawal was noted in the 1998 ABC interview of OBL, and was in the opening para of the recent Afghanistan announcement.

The F-22 and the missile defense are slashed without a whimper from the military. The trial of KSM in NYC and the transfer of Gitmese to the Land O Lincoln are announced without fanfare.

There will be no wider war when the term war is no longer allowed.

Tens of thousands of mine resistant vehicles, now, that should keep Government Motors in contracts.

I know one who will read the highly-acclaimed Douglass work. Right after completion of the excellent The Assassinations ed. by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease.
Actually James Douglas told us at the COPA conference on 11/20 that Obama DOES have a copy of JFKU. As does Leon Panetta, current CIA director with whom Douglas attended university. So it's possible, even likely, that both these men have already read this incredible book and know exactly what happened to JFK and why. Will this change a thing? Only time will tell but presently it looks doubtful. JFK's father had certain backings that were shed by the 35th president, after he came to be president. Indeed the Mob ties of old Joe were prosecuted by brother Bobby. Conversely the power team behind Obama has not evaporated, but has flourished. I have yet to see a single instance where Obama has stood up for anything right. For those who saw in Obama a favorable comparison to JFK such was, sadly, a totally superficial comparison. Obama lacks JFK's courage, independence and moral fiber. JFK had also seen the horrors of war and acted accordingly: with upmost restraint. Obama, like Bush, is wholy lacking in such restraint.

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