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DPF Bans Professor James H. Fetzer: The Rationale
Poor Jabba...... oh, how the mighty have fallen, along with his hangers-on, his interviewees, his liars' club, his detestable videos where he looks like he's growing another face (not an insult..... fer real !!). James has morphed into a 21-century Jabba the Hut, along with his mentor, Alex Jownes et alia. I can recall when Jabba and Ralph the Cinque were buddies........ have you seen all of Ralph's 'senior members' on his beloved 'OIC' page??? Why, there's Jim Marrs, Mark Lane, PETER JANNEY, and so many other luminaries, I can hard;y stand it? How do I join, Ralph? I, too, wish to be part of the troof.

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RE: DPF Bans Professor James H. Fetzer: The Rationale - by Mark A. O'Blazney - 04-04-2020, 09:01 AM

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