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Report offending posts
Magda Hassan Wrote:If any members have an issue with anything posted it would be appreciated if you bring it to the attention of a moderator by reporting it. To do this you click the exclamation mark inside the triangle at the bottom of the post.


That way it will be brought to the attention of a moderator. There is no guaratee that any moderator gets to read all the posts here every day as much as we try to keep up. There are various time zones to account for as well as busy lives, fluctuating attention spans and general human falibility. If we don't see the offending post it is just as unlikely we will see your on forum criticism of said post either. So report the post and some thing can be done about it before it all turns to shit.

What about offending emails where the person accused cannot even reply to the accuser?

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Report offending posts - by Magda Hassan - 29-05-2013, 07:49 AM
Report offending posts - by Dawn Meredith - 15-06-2013, 05:50 PM

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