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Greetings to all !
Julien Kokoro Wrote:I'm so pessimistic about the world that I'm resolutely optimistic about the human mind's resources, but that is probably the yogi speaking.

My elements of answers versus the monstrosity surrounding us are staunchly naive, which is why I will definitely share it with you.

Be seeing you, Kokoro.

Welcome, indeed.

Do not turn a deaf ear to the yogi. One cannot hope to defeat the "monstrosity," as you so aptly describe it, absent a united front of reason, intuition, and spirituality.

Your "monstrosity" is the "unspeakable" of James Douglass.

I too am optimistic about our individual and collective minds' resources as applied to the war against ... them.

I direct your attention to posts 11, 12, and 13 on the thread entitled "Why was JFK Murdered?" found here at

Your thoughts would be valued, for already you've shown yourself to be anything but naive.



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