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OK they dunnit again, they make me angry degrading my people .....
The first version of this law was rousting the poor to jail processing.
And putting up "collection boxes" downtown to finance the help for the poor.
Heaven forbid tax money be spent on people not Empire.

The collection boxes produced damn near nothing, the plan of Mayor GBallard collapsed in failure. Our city continues the "same-old-shit", same old GOP bullshit.
Recall that Dick G Lugar started as a "Rockefeller" liberal Republican Mayor of Indy. With the help of the ST.

Enforcement also collapsed in confrontations with the A.C.L.U. threatening to sue and activists suddenly running around the city and the poor folks churches that were willing to listen with "the fire lit again".

But still the topic turns up on the local news excusing the lack of enforcement for a WRONG LAW.

The appearance of propriety rather than dealing with reality - a Law and Order Empire is at stake.

The Indy Metro Police are known as maddogs for valid reasons. They earned the contempt of the majority of WeThePeople.
WeThePeople don't like fascism.

Read not to contradict and confute;
nor to believe and take for granted;
nor to find talk and discourse;
but to weigh and consider.

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OK they dunnit again, they make me angry degrading my people ..... - by Jim Hackett II - 11-07-2013, 11:34 AM

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